Soapie teasers: 21 November 2017

Days Of Our Lives cast. (Photo: NBC/Supplied)
Days Of Our Lives cast. (Photo: NBC/Supplied)

7de Laan

Hilda sticks her nose in other people’s business. Xander is struggling to stay positive.

Days of our Lives

Sami and Kate learn Chad has moved back into the mansion and plans to stay for good. Sami admits to EJ she sent Chad a copy of the article. In private, Chad tells Kate he wants to help her destroy EJ and Stefano. Hope is honest with Aiden about her growing attraction to him. Aiden suggests they go out on a real date. Jordan reveals to Rafe she saw Kate kissing him. JJ explains to Paige he wasn’t drinking and believes Jill slipped him a roofie. Eve is hopeful her plan for breaking up JJ and her daughter worked. Theresa stops by, and the two sisters end up arguing.


Sphe refuses to give in to her father’s demands. Smanga tries to distract himself the only way he knows how. Will Zitha sell out her man to get ahead?


Will father and daughter be reunited? Qondi finds herself dancing with a charming man. Mandla is in a lot of trouble.


Nina agrees to bail Gabriel out for his stake in the Rec Club - will he agree? Nina gets a call from the DNA lab informing her that Matlala’s DNA results are ready. Lerato is surprised to see that her celebrity client has made her trend on social media. 


Is Rendani being objective? Ranthomeng mans up. Nyamukamadi overhears unpleasant things about her new name.

Rhythm City

Ntombizodwa tries to help Puleng and Pulengrealises Lufuno’s warnings are true. Sello tries to turn Stone against Blossom.


Dintle makes use of technology to initiate a very nasty plan. Maletsatsi is confronted with a mortifying and extremely worrying truth. Mlungisi finds himself being drawn into an unnerving situation.

Skeem Saam

Lehasa learns the reason his wife is divorcing him. Kat is shocked and hurt by what Hazel says to him. The Maputlas receive an unlikely visitor.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Having waited a long time to finally marry Brooke, Bill vows to not let anything or anyone ruin their special day as with their previous wedding. Still wanting his parents to be together again, RJ pressures Ridge to do whatever it takes to stop Brooke from getting married. The nervous bride-to-be, Brooke, confesses to Donna her concerns regarding Ridge’s plan and marrying Bill.

The Queen

The Bag

Kgosi’s announcement leaves everyone startled. Martha discovers a lie that Thato told her. Something valuable is stolen from Boi’s Corner.


MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu are having second thoughts. Smangele unknowingly hurts Khumbulani. Nkunzi plays Nosipho and Qhabanga like pawns on his chess board.