Soapie teasers: 22 February 2019

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Diederik en Marko resolve their diffrences. Lesedi's houskeeper talks out of turn.

Days of our Lives

Belle arrives at Chad's hotel room to inform him he doesn't have a case against the D.A.'s office. Conflicted Chad lies to Andre about his progress with Belle. Abigail questions Marlena about Chad's hypnotherapy session, having realized Chad dumped her after seeing Marlena.                                                                            


Smanga isn’t ready to forgive and forget yet. Crazy J talks Kabisi into being part of his new project. Sikhumbuzo shows what happens to people who don’t pay him on time.

Imbewu: The Seed

Ngcolosi wants to reunite the family. Sipho grooms Sibongile before making his move. Zithulele after some restraint, wants to do the comedy show.


We finally get answers to the great mystery surrounding Sibongile - and those answers will shockingly change everything in Bhubesini and beyond.


Nina makes a desperate move out of fear for Lincoln. Morongwa and Gatanga make a disappointing discovery that makes Morongwa threaten harsh action. Lungi accepts a contract that causes tension between her and Kgothalo.


Sundani gets a surprise from Tenda. James and Marang are moving into dangerous territory.  Vho-Mukondeleli flaunts her companionship but summoned to royal house.

Rhythm City

Dumi has his first 68 assignment. Lerato encourages Bash to work with the police. Rene wants to set up a sting.


The Credential extends a warm welcome to a surprising new member. 

Skeem Saam

Principal and Manaka celebrate the departure of a common nemesis from Turf High. Lehasa reveals that he’s thinking of cutting ties with one of the ladies in his life. Pretty turns down a job offer that has literally come to her on a silver platter.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Enraged, thinking that Bill took advantage of Steffy, Ridge forcefully confronts his nemesis. Brooke rushes to Steffy to find out more about what’s happening with her and Liam and is shocked when Steffy reveals the truth. Wyatt shares with Katie what he loves most about her and the two worry about what will happen when Ridge and Brooke find out about Bill and Steffy. Steffy attempts to convince Brooke to calm Ridge down and get through to him that what happened that night with Bill was mutual.

The Queen

A Season of Blood

The trial begins. Mmabatho confronts Shaka about his infidelities. Meanwhile, Patronella is worried that she gave evidence that could compromise the trial.


Sibonelo finds it hard to forgive his mother for the childhood he lost with his father, Nkunzi. Njeza agrees to the forgiveness ritual, but can he go through with it? Sbu menaces Zekhethelo, she must find the guy who stole Nkunzi’s car.