Soapie teasers: 22 January 2017

PHOTO: muvhangosa/Instagram
PHOTO: muvhangosa/Instagram

7de Laan

Chris realises he has to support his family. Karmen still struggles to forget about Hettie and Tjattas.

Days of our Lives

Per Eve’s orders, JJ tries to break things off with Paige. Paige asks if he doesn’t love her anymore. Meanwhile, Eve gets a visit from Theresa, each with bad news of their own. Jordan gets a charming gift from Chad and goes to the club to thank him in person. Instead, she runs into Ben, who isn’t shy about telling her he doesn’t trust Chad. Chad gets a call from Stefano, who is ready to make his big move against Kate. Chad then goes behind Stefano’s back once more and heads to inform Kate. Chad bursts in just as Clyde pulls Kate into a passionate kiss. Brady relays Theresa’s pregnancy scare to Victor, who thinks his grandson dodged a bullet. Nicole tries to cheer up Daniel by suggesting they do a little yoga.


Jack drops the ball at JMEC, giving his enemy an idea. Gadaffi thinks it’s time to end his relationship. Tau is shocked when he realises Zitha was right all along.


Ngwnebedla seizes the opportunity that Solomon provides him. Melusi gets accepted into University. Pam and S’Khaleni imagine what a lotto win could do for them.


Lalage appears to be a broken woman between her choice to help her son and betray her husband. Gabriel wants to drop the drama but Nina still wants revenge on Nikiwe. A romantic gesture threatens to disrupt life at the salon. 


Mpho’s strange behaviour shocks the royal house. Mulimisi delivers another shock from the ancestors. Rashaka and Pfarelo reach a crossroads. Rendani comes to a decision about Matodzi. Hangwani gets restauranteur tips from Nyamukamadi.

Rhythm City

Patrick advises Suffo to ditch Sabelo. David has an exciting offer for Pearl. Jamaica finds out what Emmanuel did to his laptop.


Lerumo receives disturbing information which makes him very suspicious of two people who have a connection. Gontse reveals to a friend that Gloria is in the dark about a financial situation. When Kgosi is left powerless, Lindiwe saves the day.

Skeem Saam

Lelo inadvertently finds herself looking like the evil witch. Lehasa and Zandile reach a point of no return. Everyone is surprised at Noah’s reaction to the truth.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy is guilty about not spending Christmas with her family, but, basks in spending the holiday reunited with Liam. Ridge has a moment of nostalgia of Christmases past when Rick implements a new tradition for his family. Bill and Katie spend a cordial holiday together in her new home for the sake of Will. Knowing that his family members have other plans, Eric calls them over for at least one Christmas carol.

The Queen

Revived Passion

Will Jerry choose Refilwe over Vuyiswa? Shaka’s bachelor days are coming to an end. Prince sows the seed of hatred for Kagiso.


Nkunzi punishes Mastermind and Qhabanga but Qhabanga will not take it lying down. Smangele is caught out for her devious ways. A cold war forments in the church and Mr Mbatha and Pastor Mdletshe draw supporters.