Soapie teasers: 23 August 2018

Skeem Saam. (Photo: Supplied)
Skeem Saam. (Photo: Supplied)

7de Laan

Matrone is happy to be back in Hillside. Mariaan tries to talk sense into Willem’s head

Day of our Lives

Chad comes across Ben and Abigail kissing in the town square. Chad goes to Stefano, questioning why he came home now. Eve borrows a key from Theresa to get into Marlena’s locked files. Theresa is upset when Brady insists she go back to work to support herself.JJ tells Jennifer he’s fed up with Paige putting him down and is moving on with Bev. An unknown man watches JJ with Kyle, and makes a mysterious report. 


Gadaffi worries about what Zitha’s confession will reveal. Kabisi reports back from the elders’ meeting in Rustenburg. Lucy’s never seen her brother so angry and isn’t sure how to handle it.


The Zungus and Ndlovus join forces to save Thandeka’s baby. New rules have been set for Lillian and she is not impressed. Ntwenhle is enjoying her visit in Johannesburg.


Sibiya defends himself as he prepares the miners for the next and final step. Benjamin is ready to bring in the machines. The miners plan a drastic move.Kgothalo discovers that Roman has access to all her private documents and passwords. Kgothalo sets Lincoln an ultimatum. Zandre makes a mistake and pays the price for it.


Moliehi instructs Eric to kill Terror. Mulalo’s power has gone to his head. Ranthomeng accepts Thandaza’s decision.

Rhythm City

Lungile gives Sabelo a chance. David and Gail play cat-and-mouse. Nomalanga finally gives up.


An uninvited guest shows up at a funeral and meets an unexpected fate. An already burdened woman is tasked to do another favour for her ungrateful sister. An unlikely alliance is formed between two enemies.

Skeem Saam

Clement drops a shocking revelation on his family about his whereabouts the previous day.  Lehasa is forced to part ways with his past. Big Boy and Leshole connect on a deeper level after Big Boy is summoned to the police station.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas is in shock when Bill tells him that Caroline is suffering from a terminal illness. Steffy notes that Caroline is still in love with her brother and hopes that they can find a way back together. Ridge and Quinn fear the worst about Eric possibly spending time too much with Sheila.

The Queen

The Mabuza and Khoza women are working together to bring down a common enemy. The sins of the past fracture the Maake family unity.


Pastor Mdletshe makes a decision that could put Gabisile in danger, Zekhethelo gets desperate and resorts to blackmail to get what she wants, and Thobile takes the hard first step to moving on without Mastermind.