Soapie teasers: 23 February 2018

7de Laan

Rickus is pleasantly surprised to see who is back in Hillside. Will Bonita’s scheme work out as she had hoped?

Days of our Lives

JJ takes his suspicions to Kayla - he thinks Eve is lying to Paige about Shane’s condition. Kayla calls Kimberly, who confirms Shane is just fine. A furious JJ then heads over to confront Eve, who is about to leave town for good. They end up ripping at each other’s clothes, on their way to having sex once again. Meanwhile, Kimberly tells a stunned Paige that Shane is going to be fine. Paige can’t believe her mother lied to her… though she begins to suspect why. Melanie catches Nicole in Serena’s hotel room and nearly tells Daniel when he calls. But instead, she gives Nicole a chance to explain. Nicole covers as best she can, and Melanie ultimately decides to stay quiet. Meanwhile, Melanie returns home, and Daniel questions her about the mysterious package she went to retrieve from Serena’s. Much to Daniel’s relief, Melanie reveals it’s just a Christmas gift for him. Melanie later warns her father about getting further involved with Nicole.


Cosmo is tasked with finding Zach’s body. Zoe isn’t thrilled when her wild-at-heart sister shows up. Mrekza’s mind races when he sees Kabelo selling drugs.


Mpiyakhe and Judas make a brazen attempt at revenge. Mpiyakhe is not surprised when Judas succumbs to his true nature. However, that is not the only surprise.


The drugs in Nikiwe’s system threaten to push her over the edge. Lerato and Sechaba continue to grow further apart. Gabriel is disappointed when Wendy shows up with Anja to their date night.


Susan discovers some shocking information about Konanani. Tendamudzimu presents Gugu with bad news. Rashaka comes to the rescue.

Rhythm City

Puleng has an idea for dealing with the Baporofeta. Bash and Bongi surprise each other. Nomalanga is feeling unwell. Fats gets the better of Jamaica.


A young man's attempt at bribery fails, and he finds himself at the receiving end of a devastating taunt. Zinzile is put in in a worrying position when she is asked to do something she knows she cannot. A boss decides to stop being Mr Nice-Guy all the time.

Skeem Saam

Alfred and Manaka reap what they have sown. Granny and Wallet drift even further apart. Leshole goes against Big Boy’s advice.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric puts Ridge on the spot demanding info about his time with Quinn in San Francisco. Wyatt selflessly gives Steffy what she needs so that she may start the life that she's been wanting with Liam.

The Queen

Daddy Issues

Gracious makes a discovery about Mmabatho’s private life that causes chaos. Refilwe apologises for going too far. Bakang overhears something that changes his life.


Nkunzi discovers Mxolisi’s gun missing and looks for the culprit. Mxolisi’s bad behaviour comes back on his father, and Mastermind and Thobile reconnect.