Soapie teasers: 23 May 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Fikani sticks his nose in other’s matters. Chris and Mariaan support each other in this difficult time.

Day of our Lives

Melanie picks up Brady, who’s being released from the hospital. Daniel reveals Brady wasn’t given any other drugs besides the tranquilizer. They wonder why someone might have drawn blood from him. Later, Clint drugs Theresa and finally manages to draw her blood. He’s about to leave when Melanie arrives… and several of his vials fall to the floor. Serena tells Eric she finished phase one of her research. Eric fears this means she might leave Salem soon.  Kate packs her things to move out of the mansion. She assures Chad she doesn’t hold her removal from the board against him. 


Getty begs her ancestors to give her the answers she needs. Zoe isn’t happy to hear Brandon is dating. Gadaffi’s revenge plan is coming together nicely.


Iris makes Lillian an offer she can’t refuse. The tension in the Zungu house intensifies under the cloud of Thandeka’s worsening condition.


Just when things are finally looking up, Wendy’s dark past returns to haunt her. Ben discovers that getting what he wished for comes at a deeply painful price. Nina sets out to expand her business.


Teboho is desperate to conceal her evil deeds. KK digs a hole in Meme’s heart when he opens up about his painful past. Thobile goes out on a date with her new suitor.

Rhythm City

Pearl and her mystery man are torn apart by a fake fire, but determined to find each other. Neither one knows anything about the other. Blossom and Melusi both have surprises for Mapula. 


Dintle confirms a frightening suspicion, whilst Layla takes action on her own suspicion. A family seems to be mending, but not everyone is happy about it.  A battle does not go as expected by one of the sides. 

Skeem Saam

A terrified Tbose witnesses a very disturbing sight in the form of his friend Kwaito. There’s no turning back as Wallet and Mr Kgomo thrash each other with words. A waiter does the unthinkable in front of Cafe Rovuwa patrons.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Eric consult Carter on their legal rights regarding Spectra Fashion. Eric angrily blames Ridge for the collection being stolen under his supervision of the company. Katie enjoys another round of power play with Quinn as she attempts to collect on the promised job offer in exchange for her silence about the affair with Ridge. Brooke confirms to Bill that it is over with Ridge.

The Queen

Sudden Arrest

Mmabatho breaks Shaka’s heart. Mamiki starts playing a dangerous game. A Khoza is arrested.


What starts as a happy day quickly turns into a nightmare for the Mdletshe’s as Mumsy reveals a shocking secret at her baptism.