Soapie teasers: 25 July 2018

The Bold and the Beautiful cast. (Bell-Phillip Television Productions)
The Bold and the Beautiful cast. (Bell-Phillip Television Productions)

7de Laan

Jacob gets behind the truth. Aggie puts Vince under pressure. Kosie tells Liezl the truth.

Day of our Lives

Serena confronts Nicole and warns her that Xander is dangerous and is having her watched. Eric runs into a flustered Serena. Aiden tells Brady and Melanie that Theresa probably has a good case. Kate exchanges terse words with Lucas and Adrienne. Kate is summoned by Victor, who announces Justin will be her new supervisor at Mad World. 


Wandi has no idea how to help her sister. Lucy isn’t happy about making a new friend. Okuhle (played by Thuso Mbedu) begs the Cele elders to send her to Johannesburg instead.


Things escalate between S’Khaleni and Mkongwane and they exchange blows. Judas and Lillian go to Lt. Mkhize with the evidence. In a moment of despair, Thandeka has a terrible outburst. Duma decides to seek out Gloria.


When Lerato offers that she and Sechaba both use her lawyer, Sechaba declines and gives her reason to worry. Ntando questions  Kgothalo about her feelings for Rajesh and gets the answer he wasn’t expecting. Anja buys groceries and presents for her family, but it raises suspicion.


Tenda takes his gun with him to the big confrontation. Hangwani wants to know Moliehi’s ulterior motives. Vho-Mukondeleli’s hopes and dreams are crashed.

Rhythm City

Mzi tries to process the shocking revelation about his father and Pearl. Mapula goes to speak to her school - and find out her fate. David is furious with his beef supplier.


When a conman tells his co-conspirator of the availability of privacy, she gives in to an impulse.  A young woman tells an impressed colleague of her long journey of frugality.  The prospect of extra reward excites a group of workers, each on an in individual mission. 

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke is blindsided when she runs into her former friend turned nemesis Sheila Carter for the first time in 14 years who asks for forgiveness. Wyatt does not find it amusing when Bill jokes about the threats that were made against Quinn's life. Sheila introduces herself to Charlie eager to find out more about Eric's new wife.

The Queen

Shaka is disturbed by Khaya’s reaction to the news of his upcoming nuptials. Jerry’s plan to help Vuyiswa backfires. Martha convinces Roy and Cleo to do business with the enemy.


Zekhethelo’s drug addiction worsens. GC costs the salon clients. MaMlambo is reinstated to the board.