Soapie teasers: 27 April 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Lesedi is determined to win this case. The book launch that Olivia organised is a huge disappointment.

Day of our Lives

JJ meets with Roxanne, an old friend from boarding school. She agrees to pretend to be the girl he’s been seeing so Paige will back off. Meanwhile, Eve reminds Paige they always do something special on this day together (ever since Paige’s father left). Paige waivers a little, and Eve hopes to meet up with her daughter later. JJ is with Roxanne when Paige arrives at the student lounge. Paige tells him she could not care less – she’s done. Chad assures Kate he has no hard feelings about how she sabotaged his relationship with Jordan. However, once she leaves, he calls Stefano, and he asks for his father’s help in destroying Kate. Rafe lets Clyde know that Ben could be in trouble now that Jordan and Chad are over. Rafe then relays the same concern to Jordan. 


Adam is furious when he realises Pam played him. Michael turns to the bottle when the hits just keep coming. Lucy tells her man they’re done.


Phumelele puts her foot down and forces Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe to deal with their issues. Shadrack is overcome with shame. S’bu and Thandeka get a surprise visitor.


Lincoln’s release has everyone on tenterhooks. Nina is horrified when she realises that she is in Lincoln’s line of fire. Sibiya celebrates his latest achievement.


Mulalo and Teboho’s victory is short-lived when they get beaten with their own stick. Gugu’s gift reignites Brother Max’s passion for music. Ranthomeng gets the taste of his own medicine.

Rhythm City

Rene is battling to deal with her trauma - and Mampho only makes matters worse. Robert threatens Madikgetla. Cuba buys a big gift for Hilgard. 


A serious betrayal of trust results in loss for one party and gain for another.  A cocky upstart counts his chickens before they've hatched and ends up with egg on his face. A mother invokes a curse and a son strikes out with a slay queen. 

Skeem Saam

Spiller’s life gets saved by Dr Ngcobo but the assassin is still at large. Alfred’s car returns to give him the shock of his life. Some people are undecided about attending Kwaito and Tbose’s bail hearing.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke and Eric revel in their 30 years of friendship and the often complex paths that they have taken to get to where they are today. The wedding reception is already fizzling out with most of the guest having disappeared. On a secluded beach nearby, Ridge and Quinn agree that his upcoming wedding to Brooke will mark the end of their clandestine relationship. When Steffy confronts Sally about showing up at her wedding, their heated confrontation ends with a splash. Thomas joins his date in the water and they kiss. Steffy and Liam revel in their newlywed status. Conceding that Brooke is to be married the next day, Bill offers his support to her for whenever she may need it. Nearby, Katie is surprised to find Eric all alone. As they say their goodbyes, Ridge and Quinn share a kiss - which does not come unnoticed.

The Queen

It's over

Bhekumuzi gets to Brutus. Vuyiswa is a wreck after her roadside discovery. Goodness is afraid she’s messed up and lost control of Bakang.


Nkunzi hates it when things don’t go his way and he must always have a plan.