Soapie teasers: 29 March 2018

7de Laan

Alexa is desperate to save her patient’s life. Amory is excited to start her new business venture.

Day of our Lives

Daniel stands by Nicole as Eric and Serena accuse her of stealing Serena’s files. Nicole does not deny and explains those files will expose Serena for the fraud she is. Serena finally gives in, saying she wants everyone to know the truth – and Daniel opens the files for all to see. Stefano tells Chad to forget about Jordan and go after Abigail (which was Chad’s plan all along) so they can focus on what’s important – DiMera business and the new threat that John Black presents. Sonny almost walks in on Will and Paul’s meeting at Sonix but is waylaid by Zoe, who warns him Will is working. Back at the office, Will and Paul wrap their final interview for the article. Thoughtful Will then returns home and tells Kate that he is determined to be honest with Sonny about sleeping with Paul.


Zoe meets with Peter to hear about the Morokas. Smanga is faced with a tough choice – to go even darker or not. Pam realises Michael is slowly unravelling.


The Zungus are forced into a corner as it becomes clear that not all is well. Ngwebedla grows increasingly unhinged by the perceived injustice committed against him.


Sechaba pleads with Ofentse to not take his one and only mother for granted, lest he regret it. Mmakgosi opens up about the real reason why she’s always protected Goapele over Kgothalo. Nina is awkward with Gabriel’s show of affection in the form of a home-cooked meal.


Tendamudzimu and Azwindini have formed an unlikely partnership that alienates Mulalo. Moliehi rocks James’ world. And oh! She’s carrying a lot of baggage with her.

Rhythm City

Bongi finally confesses her big secret. Boipelo tells the truth about Musa. Puleng feels bad about the way she’s treated her mother.


An unlikely alliance is forged and unearths the first real clue towards solving a major mystery. An opportunity to rekindle an old flame arises, but comes with a diabolical asking price. A family dinner gets off to an awkward start when a line is drawn in the sand. A well-meaning party decides to go behind their family's back in the name of love.

Skeem Saam

Kwaito worries about his future. Principal scolds Alfred for making John leave the SGB over an unverified rumour. Nimza fails an important test.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Fresh from her confrontation with Ridge, Ivy feels compelled to have an informative conversation with Brooke before she plans her wedding. Thomas’ months of bitterness and frustration at work comes to a head when Steffy criticizes the designs he has been tirelessly working on. Wanting to ensure that the Spectra Fashions’ debut is unsuccessful, Bill assigns a reluctant reporter to cover the event.

The Queen

Mama's Gun

Tebogo and Kagiso make peace. Harriet suspects not all is rosy between Kea and Tebogo. Gracious asks Goodness to commit a crime.


It’s a busy day for everyone in KwaMashu. While a passion play begins (with unexpected complications) Nkunzi gets his crew ready for one of the biggest heists he has ever worked on. MaNgcobo takes her crew on their first job, but can she trust everyone to stick to the plan?