Soapie teasers: 3 May 2018

Isibaya on Mzansi Magic! (Photo: Mzansi Magic)
Isibaya on Mzansi Magic! (Photo: Mzansi Magic)

7de Laan

The Bruynwaves team is excited about their project for Africa day. Bonita struggles to keep her head above water.

Day of our Lives

Melanie has a run-in with Theresa and reaffirms to Nicole that she is dropping the whole Mandrake thing – but Theresa overhears Melanie and blasts her for nosing into her life. Paige almost overhears JJ’s secret but he and Jennifer cover. JJ then follows his mother home to explain why he slept with Eve.  As a despondent JJ abandons all hope of ever getting another chance with the girl he loves, Jennifer is struck with an idea. 


Lucy is suspicious when she walks in on a family conversation. Jack doesn’t like being put in his place by his protégé. The Captain increases the torture, is determined to make his prisoner talk.


Qaphela tries to get himself out of trouble, but finds the dealers uncooperative. With help from the Zungus, Shadrack takes a bold step towards a new life. S’bu and Thandeka finally get time to be alone.


Eddie is hell bent on planning Lincoln’s downfall and goes to Benjamin wanting to team up with him. Gabriel and Nina decide to honour Lincoln’s invite. Sibiya makes a decision about his future in the mine.


Azwindini cuts Rendani down to size. Brother Max fails to let Gugu in on his love life secrets. Ranthomeng is down on his knees begging Imani not to give up on their marriage.

Rhythm City

Hilgard has one final surprise in store for Cuba. Nomalanga has a plan to divide Bongi and Lungile. Robert circles Rene and Rene has a revelation about David. 


A young man continues to ingratiate himself while having his own secret agenda. A pair conspires to trick someone close to them with a cheap tactic. 

Skeem Saam

A mystery woman leaves a note for Tbose at Sis Ouma’s desk. Clement and Noah take it to the grounds with clenched fists. Celia learns tragic news from the radio about a dead young woman.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Just as Sally, Shirley and Saul watch their live-stream from the design office at Forrester Creations, Thomas arrives at Spectra Fashion to see the lady of his affection. Meanwhile, Coco and R.J. get to know each other better by revealing stories from their respective childhoods. Now back in Los Angeles, Katie pays Ridge a visit to confront him regarding the current state of his relationship with Brooke. Both being in a time of need, Bill and Brooke share an intimate embrace in front of the Sydney Opera House.

The Queen

Lies Exposed

Brutus and Shaka are convinced Bheki is a virgin. Bakang tells Gracious he has feelings for Goodness.


MaNgcobo goes to her daughter for help in keeping her shady club funding from Nkunzi. Qhabanga continues to pursue Nosipho; and Zekhethelo struggles with her lowly status at the salon.