Soapie teasers: 30 March 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Chris shares shocking news with Mariaan. Rickus misses a very important phone call. Xander tries to get to the truth.

Day of our Lives

It looks like Will might come clean with Sonny regarding his infidelity, but Kate steps in and helps bury the truth. In private, Kate warns her grandson he can never tell Sonny about his affair with Paul. Nicole, on the verge of outing Serena as a fraud, quickly realizes she’s been duped by Ted, who is off his medication. Nicole is left to face an angry Daniel, Eric and Serena. She tries to spin it, but no one’s buying. Chad reveals he saw Jordan kissing Rafe, and Jordan explains she rebuffed her ex’s advances. Theresa has a bad dream about the mysterious Mandrake and wakes up with Clint, who wants her to confide in him. Melanie and Brady are set to have their first date, until a little snow and ice accelerate things. Victor catches them on the verge of making love.


Lucy wants the Scarlet Silk campaign to come to the shebeen. Lesedi has a secret strategy to stop Jason’s bullying. Fana lays into Namhla for destroying his life.


Siphokazi takes a brave step and helps Mpiyakhe make the tough decision regarding her health. Kaone learns things aren’t black and white and even good people sometimes operate in the grey. Ngwebedla receives much needed support from Gloria.


The Moloi land title deeds arrive and the family has more reason to celebrate. It’s an Easter Friday to remember for Kgothalo. Nina is dejected when Gabriel doesn’t show up for a dinner she has prepared.


Mulalo and Azwindini have a fall out over an announcement Tendamudzimu made about a lucrative deal. Imani has finally found what she has always been looking for, but why is she so unhappy?

Rhythm City

Bash confronts Nomalanga about the baby switching after Bongi lies to him. He’s in for a shock. Rene gets drawn into the spider’s lair. Cuba loses her way on social media.


A dangerous proposition prompts someone to choose a side in a building conflict. A family relationship is strained by two new romantic relationships. Some unusual behaviour raises eyebrows in another family home.

Skeem Saam

Nimza is disappointed when Pretty doesn’t give him the reaction he was hoping for. Kwaito gets a chance to come clean but he doesn’t, and puts himself under more pressure. The state of Mr Spiller’s office reveals much about this enigmatic character.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Excited by the media’s attendance to their debut, The Spectra Fashions gang pulls out all the stops to impress their guest. Bill provides his resentful employee with specific instructions regarding the assignment on the Spectra debut. Knowing how her relationship with Thomas has become strained, Steffy assures her brother that being his sister is more important to her that being his boss.

The Queen


Goodness locates Kaizer and Jomo’s hideout. Harriet and Aunt Thulile exchange ugly looks. Tebogo makes a big announcement.


It seems as though Nkunzi has completed another successful heist but, why is MaNgcobo keeping such a close eye on him?