Soapie teasers: 30 May 2018

7de Laan

Alexa defends Justin. Esti is starting to doubt her relationship with Marko. Will she be able to accept his past?

Day of our Lives

Will tells Lucas he’s determined to go ahead with the article revealing Paul is actually a DiMera unless Paul leaves town. Lucas warns his son it will backfire. At the square, everyone gathers to set up for the charity benefit. Marlena makes a surprising discovery when she gets an accidental peek at Will’s tablet and sees the article he’s working on about Paul. She’s horrified to learn he’s blackmailing Paul’s mother. A vulnerable Adrienne reveals Justin confirmed he’d been having an affair and so far as she knows, he’s gone back to Dubai to resume it.  She and Lucas come together in a kiss – and it’s clear they won’t stop there. Chad thanks Stefano for helping him plant the quotes about Jack’s book – it succeeded in making Abigail see him in a better light. Melanie runs into Theresa and might reveal the suspicions she’s having about Theresa’s pregnancy but they end up fighting so Melanie keeps it to herself. 


Sphe wants to know what last night was about. Zoe almost has heart failure when she hears what her son is planning. Skhalo riles up the community against Getty.


Phumelele tries to offer hope during a dark time. Meanwhile, S’bu spirals into a dark hole over the tragedy that has befallen him. Lillian is suspicious of Judas’s help.


Wendy threatens Clive to tell Sechaba all she knows about Jacques Rothman. Benjamin unwittingly helps Sechaba make an important decision about his future. Cebisa gets the ball rolling when she entices her first recruit into prostitution.


Teboho thinks that she is going to prison but Vho-Makhadzi dishes out an unexpected punishment. Meme is enraged and is back on her revenge quest. A fight breaks out between Skhumbuzo and Mthokozisi.

Rhythm City

Mzi gets a step closer to his mystery lover, or is it a step further away? Jafta manages to salvage his pride. Mapula tries to re-invent herself. 


An unlikely alliance is formed to bring down a dangerous man.  A blast from the past rattles Ingrid. Old enemies decide to let sleeping dogs lie. 

Skeem Saam

Petersen gathers his troops for what is to be the showdown of his career. Principal comes to a devastating realisation about why Nonyane Airways went straight to the grounds. Wallet tries to salvage his dream as the walls of his fame come tumbling down.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt advises Bill to honor Brooke's request of not digging into her breakup from Ridge. Ridge appeals to Brooke to give him another chance. Coco is conflicted about doing the right thing. R.J. vows to help Coco through this difficult time.

The Queen

Weddings and babies

Mamiki is having her cake and eating it too. Shaka plays Madimetja like a guitar.


The residents of KwaMashu learn to be careful of what they wish for. Mumsy realizes that Mastermind's support with her pregnancy comes with a condition she is not happy with. MaNgcobo’s task with finding MaMlambo a companion is not successful because MaMlambo already has her own companion, one that MaMlambo has to keep from her. Fikile’s wish for a rich boyfriend starts to backfire on her too.