Soapie teasers: 30 November 2017

7de Laan

Rickus is positive about the future. Matrone’s curiosity gets the better of her.

Days of our Lives

Clyde meets with EJ and a DiMera henchman to give EJ his cut of Clyde’s profits. When Clyde proposes expanding his drug territory, EJ sternly tells him no. Clyde appears to go along with this but later meets privately with EJ’s man and proposes an end run around EJ. Chad encounters Jordan and uses his charm to cheer her up. Rafe sees them together and privately warns Jordan to steer clear of anyone named DiMera. Sonny tells Will he’s only seen Chad briefly since his return but can’t fight the feeling that Chad has somehow changed. The guys then give Ben some good-natured grief over his obviously strong feelings for Abigail. Will tells Abigail he might be writing an article about Chad’s return and promises he won’t let Chad throw Abigail under the bus in print.


Jack tells Sphe to clean up her mess. The Diales say their goodbyes to Getty. Tau is livid when he loses to Ezweni.


Shadrack makes the Ngwenyas a deal. Zakithi begs Mpiyakhe to intervene with Lethu. Phumelele misjudges Mpiyakhe’s actions.


Benjamin cautions Nikiwe over picking a fight with Nina, but Nikiwe says that Nina can bring it on as she is ready for war. Nina gives Matlala an ultimatum, either he tells Georgie the truth about his paternity or she will gladly do it herself. Lerato spots a TO LET sign on the ON!TV Production office space and dreams of having the new Lerato’s salon there. 


Mpho and Dee get into a fight. What's going on with Katlego? Nonny re-ignites Sthe's hope.

Rhythm City

David welcomes a new guest into the house - against Gail’s wishes. David has a new proposal for the 66ers. Wiseman tempts Puleng.


A young man is rejected by two very different women in the course of one afternoon. Maletsatsi receives life changing news and makes a very rash decision. Mlungisi sticks to his guns in the face of a warning.

Skeem Saam

Chef Marlene makes a drastic decision. Sthoko ponders a future without Dennis. Leeto learns that not all is lost.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sasha’s hope for a reunion with Zende is dashed when he decides that he wants to return to Los Angeles to apologize to Nicole. Zende has deep regrets for his actions and hopes that Nicole will be able to forgive him again. Maya gives her sister an opportunity to change her mind about granting her favor, but, Nicole is determined to follow through. Having begun the process of moving on with Liam, Steffy takes an additional step forward by moving in with him.

The Queen

No Way Out

Harriet cools Shaka off and convinces him to go the legal route. Martha asks Thato what he saw.


Smangele decides to find out the truth. Advocate Zulu and MaNzuza are back at square one. Will Qhabanga get away with it?