Soapie teasers: 5 March 2018

7de Laan

Esti receives worrisome news about Thomas. Diederik puts his foot down; he is ready for a new adventure.

Days of our Lives

Paige presses JJ about why he is breaking up with her - and he finally drops the bomb that he slept with someone else.  Paige demands to know who JJ cheated with. Sonny gets more potential bad news about his club and tells Will that it could be what kills the project as they are out of money. Daniel blasts Nicole for sneaking into Serena's room and cancels their date. Meanwhile, Melanie vents to Brady her regret that she covered for Nicole and hurt her dad. As fireworks usher in the New Year with a bang, Melanie and Brady unexpectedly find themselves locked in a hot kiss.


Gadaffi tries to sweet-talk Tshidi but it backfires. The police have found Zach’s body. Pam isn’t happy when her sister steals her thunder.


Beauty is filled with regret when the gravity of her actions dawns on her. Siphokazi finally gets her way. Ngwebedla gets up to his old tricks and Duma watches him like a hawk.


When Rajesh prompts Kgothalo to make a statement against Nina and Nikiwe, he’s disappointed when she lets him know that she is not ready to deal with the matter at hand. Anja pretends to be distraught over the shooting of Kgothalo just to get closer to Benjamin. Gabriel starts to take financial strain, how will he get out of this one?.         


Livhuwani defends her husband against Azwindini's accusations. Tendamudzimu convinces Azwindini that Konanani is behind Vhutshilo's attack. Konanani receives a rude awakening.

Rhythm City

Suffo and Puleng draw closer - and Puleng is hailed as a hero. Something strange is happening with Lerato and Nomalanga’s babies.


A man is enraged when he realises he has been hoodwinked, and a mother receives an odd phone call. A boss's intention with his staff does not have the desired effect. A father is shocked by some news about his child.

Skeem Saam

Mrs Nkadimeng calls Eunice and leaves her on the verge of tears. Leshole’s ride isn’t as smooth as he thought it would be. Josias, Wallet and Kat finally get through to Granny.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Upon his return from Genoa City, Eric offers Ridge the co-CEO position at Forrester Creations. Ridge happily accepts. Quinn watches the reconciliation she is responsible for with pure joy. Ridge offers to be the one to break the news to Steffy and Thomas. At Il Giardino, Zende confides in Thomas that while he was away he realized that he wants his future to be with Nicole. Thomas admits to his friend that he’s been doing some soul searching too; and voices his unhappiness about Steffy being chosen as CEO and how he feels that she is Eric’s favorite grandchild. When Zende leaves, Thomas continues to share his woes with a friendly stranger at the bar. Ridge is surprised by Steffy’s reaction to the news that they will be job-sharing at Forrester. Zende finds Nicole and admits how wrong he was and vows to continue to fight for her.

The Queen

I've Hurt You

Vuyiswa is desperate for Jerry to hear her out. Shaka sets out on a mission impossible, all in the name of love. Jerry and Boi have a sad farewell.


Mondli decides to take matters into his own hands, even if it is illegal. Mxolisi is struggling to be the son Mdletshe wants him to be. Pastor Mdletshe decides that the Board should vote. Fikile is living her best life and she isn’t afraid to show it.