Soapie teasers: 6 August 2018

The Bold and the Beautiful cast. (Bell-Phillip Television Productions)
The Bold and the Beautiful cast. (Bell-Phillip Television Productions)

7de Laan

Marko and Andrè have a brilliant idea for Women’s Day. Aggie has an argument with the new waitress in Beleef. 

Day of our Lives

Jennifer finds comfort in the fact that Abigail is now happy with Ben. Eve gets an idea for revenge. Chad hopes Stefano isn’t taking too big a risk by returning to Salem. Victor warns Clyde not to return to his house, or he’ll be shot for trespassing.


Lucy is caught off guard when an orphan reaches out to her. The Wedding might be fake but the groom’s feelings are very real. The Morokas aren’t happy about Tau’s news at all.


The Zungus and Ndlovus work together to capture Nkabinde. Judas is offered a deal he can’t refuse. Lillian and Saddam take their relationship to another level. Blade defeats Mbodla.


In light of the job cut announcement on Friday, the horrified miners decide to lay down their tools. Lincoln is hell-bent on publishing his memoir but faces stiff opposition. Will he be dissuaded? Seline takes her effort to seduce Zandre to the next level.


Susan hears the shocking truth. James is being pulled from all directions. Vho-Mukondeleli’s excitement quickly turns sour.

Rhythm City

Glow offers Fats a ticket out of the country. Nomalanga catches Lerato acting weirdly with Amahle and does something about it. David swears revenge.


Questions about the kidnapping are uncomfortable for several people for different reasons. Hlengiwe initiates some secret dealings of her own. Phindile makes a discovery that confirms war.

Skeem Saam

Alfred takes drastic measures to assert his authority at Turf High. MaNtuli gets an SMS notification that excites her so much she skips work. Kat and Candice are more than determined to save Capsy’s.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke enjoys a rare moment with her workaholic husband. R.J. surprises Coco with an afternoon date. Quinn asks Eric for his forgiveness.

The Queen

Gracious issues a command. Cleo and Thato are not about to get what they want. Diamond sets up his empire


Mastermind is hurting and being careless. But he is oblivious to his actions right now.