Soapie teasers: 7 March 2018

PHOTO: Youtube shot
PHOTO: Youtube shot

7de Laan

Will Bonita bury the hatchet? Pietie is giving Willem the run-around.

Days of our Lives

A chastened Sonny arrives to let Chad know the club expansion was a bust. He’s willing to sign over his share of the club to pay Chad back but Chad lets him off the hook. Chad later admits to Stefano he has Sonny right where he wants him. Victor asks Brady to deliver a belated Christmas gift to Melanie at the hospital. Brady arrives, and after an awkward moment, Melanie makes a quick exit. Theresa has another dream about the night she was attacked. Later, John arrives and warns her to steer clear of Brady.


Just as Sofie plants the crucial evidence Dmitry enters the room. Jason goes out of his way to taunt hapless Brandon. Namhla is nervous about lying to the police.


Judas and Beauty agree to work together to overcome their challenges. Thandi is shocked that Pleasure fell for Mandla’s tricks. Gloria schemes with Ngwebedla against Duma.


Rajesh is not happy with the way Kgothalo is dealing with things. Hendrik gives Anja a pep talk before her supplementary exam but she gets distracted. Gabriel’s first day at the mine has a rocky start.         


Livhuwani feels terrible when she can't get hold of Tendamudzimu. Are the ancestors punishing her? Gugu is stressed about facing Ranthomeng. Thandaza drops a bombshell on James.

Rhythm City

Nomalanga sees evidence of a miracle, while Lerato sees a mysterious decline. Only Bongi knows the truth.


A woman is blissfully unaware that her new status is not all it should be, and Quinton is appalled when a promise is reneged on. Mary is thrust into a situation in which she is completely out of her depth. Knowing she has no leg to stand on, a young mother nevertheless makes a last-ditch attempt to get her way.

Skeem Saam

Kwaito gets an offer of a lifetime, while Tbose is very skeptical about his pending trip. Emkay gets a message from Res Management regarding his transgressions. Charles learns about the biggest scandal that’s about to hit Turfloop.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke returns from her trip to Europe and is stunned to find out that instead of ousting Quinn from Forrester Creations, and their lives, she made him co-CEO of the company. He tells her that he is one step closer to getting rid of Quinn, and that the new position was her idea. Ridge attempts to distract Brooke with a kiss when she asks why Quinn would want this. Eric gathers his family together, gives a brief history of the company and then gives praise to each of his employees for their talents. He then stuns the room with the announcement that Ridge will be co-CEO with Steffy. As Ridge makes a speech of gratitude, Brooke watches Ridge and Quinn exchange eye contact. Later, Rick and Thomas commiserate about when they will ever get their chance to be CEO.

The Queen

Finding a Healing

Tension between Shaka and Goodness is still alive and well. Cleo announces her great expansion plan. Bakang officially ends a Maake marriage.


Mondli is on the verge of finding out the truth about the church conference heist. Pastor Mdletshe is distraught but the support around keeps him going. Mastermind begins a new life which comes to an abrupt stop when he is kidnapped!