Soapie teasers: 7 September 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Esti and Aggie help Andrè with a surprise for Connie. Diederik is not happy with his new colleague.

Day of our Lives

Nicole thinks Eric’s declaration of love is just a reaction to their intense near death experience, but Eric means it. Hope visits Daniel at his apartment and finds an engagement ring. Theresa and Anne set up the nanny cam to make Hayley look bad. JJ tells Agent Watts he’ll get the goods on Kyle. Eve gets some anxiety medication as part of her scheme to get even with Jennifer. More determined than ever to get even with Jennifer, Eve drops the medication into her yogurt drink. 


Mazwi is only too happy to help his new best friend. Nandi realises all is not well between her children. Tau takes the bait and starts to wonder if Smanga was the murderer.


Mabuyi is suspicious of Khanyi and the noose tightens. Judas is ready to make his next move. Blade makes a surprise revelation.


Lalage begins to act strangely and Gabriel and Sithembiso size each other up. 


Eric has found Terror. Shumi pushes Teboho’s buttons. Ranthomeng tells Imani the truth about Buhle. 

Rhythm City

Mampho gets two surprises - one pleasant, one unpleasant. David lets TK in on his new scheme. Kop and Blossom struggle with their house guests. 


Ndumiso realises that his new business plan has come to the attention of a very powerful and unforgiving man.  Lindiwe tries to find out the real reason behind a recent family drama.  Timothy discovers he is going to get Layla's help in a personal matter - whether he wants it or not!    

Skeem Saam

Rachel receives unwelcome guests who throw an ultimatum at her. MaNtuli’s indiscretions find a public life on radio. Leshole meets someone that makes the butterflies in his stomach flap their wings uncontrollably.

The Bold and the Beautiful

At Spectra Fashions, Shirley reminds Sally that the company still has a long way to go and needs Thomas's support. Liam is taken aback to hear Thomas is taking a break from the business. In New York, Thomas promises his son that they will help his mommy through the dark times of her illness. 

The Queen

Harriet gets in the way of Gracious killing Diamond. Vuyiswa can’t bring herself to tell Jerry about her new lover. Adelaide tries to get close to Sthembiso, but Jerry interrupts. 


No one is safe from Nkunzi’s wrath and MaMlambo is finally shown the dark side that everyone has warned her about. Fikile has to make a difficult decision to keep food on the table.