Soapie teasers: 8 August 2018

The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)
The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)

7de Laan

Will Willem tell Amorey the truth? Vince is concerned about Justin’s intentions. 

Day of our Lives

After getting Theresa to sign an agreement not to leave Salem with their son, Brady lets her know he has no intention of asking her to live in the mansion. As Nicole digs deeper into Xander's dark past, Xander says good-bye to Serena, warning her to keep her mouth shut about their illegal activities.After Eric secures the elephant from Daniel, he arrives to confront Serena. Nicole is cornered in her office by Xander, who has deadly intentions.


Mei is hurt when her husband snubs her. Okuhle manipulates Sphe to get closer to her. Mrekza overhears something which sets his mind racing.


All hell breaks loose when Sunday surprises the capture party with his own plans. Lillian expects an apology from Beauty. Mkabayi works out a plan to replace Ngwenya’s taxis. 


Ben and Sechaba’s friendship is tested as the miners’ strike threatens HD. Kgothalo and Ntando keep their affair going while a war brews in the background. A suspicious Clive starts to show interest in Zandre and Seline’s relationship.


Tenda’s revelation startles Livhuwani. Moliehi tries to talk Hangwani into firing Thobile. The nerves get the better of Vho-Mukondeleli.

Rhythm City

David asks Toolkit where his loyalties lie as he plans his next attack on the Ndlovus. Fats is sad to leave everything he knows behind.


News of a marriage proposal gets out and ticks certain people off. Hlengiwe’s emotions around her financial burdens and her family's lack of gratitude spill over and she lashes out at another journo. A cleaner spreads false information about another cleaner, not knowing her efforts are directed at the wrong person. 

Skeem Saam

Lehasa finds himself cornered in his relationship with Lelo. Kat and Candice deal with a crisis which stands to ruin their reputation as restaurant owners. MaNtuli's household feels like their lives have turned a corner but it may be too good to be true.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Coco is put on the spot when Brooke, Bill and Ridge want to know what caused the car accident. Outside the hospital room, Ridge admits to Brooke that Eric knows about him and Quinn. Quinn confronts Katie for telling Sheila about the clandestine affair with Ridge. 

The Queen

Thato and Cleo are caught in a nightmare as Adelaide continues to act out. Will Jerry and Vuyiswa’s patience pay off?


Someone’s arrival bursts Qhabanga’s bubble in the middle of his address to the adoring congregation, while Thobile continues to stress about Mastermind. In the meantime, MaNgcobo is frothing at the mouth over Nkunzi’s decision and tries to handle the situation.