Soapie teasers: 9 April 2018

Rhythm City! (Facebook)
Rhythm City! (Facebook)

7de Laan

Rickus hides his feelings. Xander spends quality time with his children. Vernon is excited about his new career.

Day of our Lives

While Daniel and Kayla struggle to save Sonny’s life in the operating room, Sonny’s loved ones wait anxiously for word. Will visits a sleeping Sonny and makes a loving declaration. He’s still in the room as Paul comes looking for Sonny, having unknowingly donated blood to him. Melanie and Brady go home, and the reality of how short life can be hits them. They go to a hotel and make love for the first time.


Mrekza is in the dog box when he can’t deliver the goods. Lesedi finally stands up to Jason. Tshidi gets ravished and happily goes along with it.


Beauty deals with aftermath of her terrible ordeal. Qaphela is enraged at being trapped. Mkabayi is enraged to discover Judas’s deal. Mpiyakhe gets a surprise visit from Mkhize.


A calculating Gabriel deliberately sows strife between Nina and Sechaba. A calculating Gabriel deliberately sows strife between Nina and Sechaba. Wendy’s managerial position is undermined at the Rec which results in Kgothalo coming down hard on her. Lalage finally has a breakthrough but she’s worried how her husband will take the news.


Tendamudzimu makes an unusual request that leaves Azwindini at a loss for words. James threatens to annul his marriage to Moliehi. Imani makes a discovery that confirms her worst suspicions about her marriage.

Rhythm City

The investigating officer in Rene’s case is not what he seems. Musa has a new plan for Rene. Bongi worries Bash suspects her. Cuba announced her good news.


A man talks of killing his enemy, who soon realises that the threats were not just idle boasts. Romeo realises he needs to work harder to get someone on his side and decides to 'save' an innocent victim. Javas wants to do the right thing, but will Phindile agree? 

Skeem Saam

Kwaito wants to cause an adversary physical harm. Celia thinks Nimza is being corrupted by a cheeky little girl. Much to his unpleasant surprise, Wallet’s friends are reluctant to help him soar to his dreams.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill welcomes his friend Emmy as the newest employee of Spencer Publications. Brooke then pays a visit to Bill to present him with a birthday gift which she knows means the world to him. A suspicious Charlie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during a board meeting at Forrester Creations. When Pam questions his more-than-usually odd behaviour, Charlie admits his notion of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. Rick and Maya also notice the sudden tight and amicable working relationship of the former sworn enemies. Once alone, Ridge and Quinn discuss how to best interact with each other in the future.

The Queen

Dark or blue

Tebogo gets a nasty surprise from Harriet. Goodness' secrets get dug up. Gracious throws the party of the year to celebrate her freedom.


Nkunzi suspects Qhabanga foiled his heist. Mondli pushes Nosipho away and Mxolisi and Zekhetelo find each other.