Soapie teasers: 9 January 2019

PHOTO: Facebook/7de Laan
PHOTO: Facebook/7de Laan

7de Laan

Xander is hopeful after Aggie gives him advice. There’s a bachelorette party to prepare for.

Days of our Lives

Upset Ben asks how Chad could be free. Chad explains Aiden was apparently the murderer. Ben returns to Abigail, who’s been suffering intermittent labor pains, which prevent her from trying to escape. He insists she call Chad to get him to drop his pursuit of her. In code, Abigail lets Chad know she’s not okay.  


Who would have thought a pouncing gorilla would do the trick? Ayanda gets a job offer from the last person she expected one from. Zitha shows her claws.


Despite being the one who brought Dabula to Bhubesini, Ngwebedla now finds himself fighting for his place in the deal. Iris’s ambitions to be part of Operation Khuculula stall when the Zungus rally against her. Mkabayi is upset that she didn’t get an invite to Sibongile’s party.


Sechaba and Kgothalo tighten the screws on Gabriel. Lalage deals with a new threat to her marriage. Veronica returns from re-hab, but thanks to Lungi, a daunting new challenge awaits.


The Vhakwevho lose one of their own. Moliehi thinks she has fooled Gugu. Imani restarts her life as a divorcee.

Rhythm City

Mzi has to choose between his career or Pearl. Gadifele gets bad news, but Kop won’t budge. Fats finds a new cook.


Boniswa catches a couple in bed together. Ndu unknowingly puts ideas into Stokkies' head which make him go and confront Phindi and things turn out messy. Gloria finds out the truth and hurts someone with her words. 

Skeem Saam

Alfred is shocked when he gets an anonymous call from someone who knows what he did to Principal. Kat and Candice fight over their predicament instead of working together. Ma Koloi is worried about how Billy will fare on his first day at school.

The Bold and the Beautiful


The Queen

Lost & Gained Love

There is a new bride coming to the Maake’s. Goodness comes guns blazing towards Siyanda.


Nkunzi confronts MaNgcobo and MaMlambo. Mastermind gives up Mxolisi. Gabisile wants Mxolisi to disappear for good.