Susan spreads her wings

Maumela Mahuwa
Maumela Mahuwa

THEY say if one door closes another opens and Muvhango actress and gospel singer, Maumela Mahuwa, who is known for her role as one of chief Azwindini’s wives, Susan, can best attest to this. She released a gospel album late last year but it’s not doing well. On the upside, she has opened a filming school.      

She says that the album is not doing as well as she would’ve liked it to do because she hasn’t found the time to promote it properly due to her other commitments.  ‘‘By the time I released the album, I had already started with setting the filming school, so the album suffered. The album is not doing very badly, but I just feel that there are certain things that needed to be done differently,’‘she says.     Right now, she says she has a team that is working on the school project, so she also needs another team to work on her album. Maumela considers herself as a multi-talented person who won’t just rely on her acting career to make a living. ‘‘There are a lot of things I’m doing at the moment. If I’m not shooting with Muvhango, I’m travelling across the country doing my sermons. I love doing things myself so with delegating I have to let other people help me to reach my end goals.’‘ She adds that through her new school, which is called African Academy of Cinematic Arts, she aims to help aspiring film makers to become the industry’s giants.      

The actress says the idea of opening a school started as a joke with her friends while they were lamenting the poor standards of South Africa’s film industry. Maumela turned the idea into reality by opening her school recently.  ‘‘We looked deeper into the discussion and saw how South Africa still lacked well-directed and informative movies. A friend of mine was talking about how nice it would be to start a film academy where we can teach youngsters how to make world-class films,’‘explains the actress. ‘‘The school is going to take a limited number of students because it is still in its formative stages. To me, this project is about giving back to the community.’‘ The actress also says that the initiative will empower the youth to have big dreams and help them to understand how the digital world operates.  Maumela says that they have set their fees reasonably to accommodate poor students. The academy is located at the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.