The inspiring reason behind Unathi’s Idols SA outfit choice


Media personality Unathi Nkayi wants people to know that she is proud of wearing locally made clothing.

In Sunday night’s episode of Idols SA, the presenter was dressed in a beautiful textile dress and took to her Instagram page to explain the reason she chose this particular dress.

 “I’m obsessed with the textile industry of South Africa and how it is evolving so beautifully. The future of ‘African Print’ on the continent is one that must be encouraged and supported. ‘Our’ Daki which is usually worn by ooMakoti is of German, Belgian and Dutch origin,” she wrote.

“The very word Makoti is a derivative of ‘Maak om tee’ (make them tea) a term that was used back in the day to the young black girls who would work inside the masters house and not on the fields. The reason why I strongly believe we need to support artists that design their own fabrics too, is so that we can reshape our narrative in the future. Designers like @richfactory @imprint_za @palesamokubung and @laduma for @maxhosa truly inspire,” she shared.