Tumi Morake and 6 other local celebs who have been body shamed for their weight


Comedian Tumi Morake has something for all those who have something to say about her weight.

The author took to social media to address those commenting about her regaining her weight.

 “So, my latest saga is, b*****s be like, Tumi you were so thin. Why did you get fat again? I’m like, b***h are you my scale?”

Back in 2015 the comedian went on a weight loss journey and shed some noticeable kilos. She tracked her journey through an Instagram post about how she was managing to lose the weight.

In an interview with Destiny magazine, she explained that most of her weight gain was because she was pregnant most of the time.

“I stopped having babies! The reason people thought I was so incredibly obese is that they didn't realise that over the past five years they've been seeing me pregnant or post-baby. My three children came back to back and that's the biggest I've been in my life,” she said.

Other celebrities who have been body shamed in the industry include, Unathi, Sophie Lichaba and Anele Mdoda. 


Unathi  recently revealed that when she started out in the industry, she was told to lose some weight. She was told by a production team that she was a bit thick and should consider losing weight. The defiant Unathi told them where to get off. However, she has since lost weight on her own terms.

Anele Mdoda

Shwashwi was put on blast by Anele for body shaming her in a column. According to Cosmopolitan, Anele only saw the headline a year later but took the time to clap back. She was being compared to other women in the industry who had shed some kilos.

Sophie Lichaba

In the case of business woman Sophie Lichaba the body shaming was not because she was overweight but because of the weight she has lost.  The former Generations actress’ picture went viral and people commented on her drastic weight loss. She then revealed that she was living with diabetes.

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Model Thickleeyonce has been quite vocal about embracing her full figure despite the internet trolls. Lesego is always advocating for body positivity. Be that as it may, she has admitted that at times the hate she receives does get to her.

Benni McCarthy

When soccer player Benni was still playing for his West Ham club he was fined almost R90 000 for gaining weight. The internet had a field day, even comparing him to Big Mama.

Rolene Strauss

The keyboard guerrillas have also targeted former Miss South Africa as well. The beauty queen says their opinions of her became her facts. She read comments online that were made about her weight. She responded with a video singing Beyonce’s song Pretty Hurts which fits well and then schooled the trolls about the impact their bullying has on their victims.