Vusi Nova wants to be a father

Vusi Nova (Facebook)
Vusi Nova (Facebook)

AFRO-SOUL singer, Vusi Nova, is ready to be a father. But the 32-year-old says his longing for fatherhood has nothing to do with the fact that his best friend, Nathi Mankayi of Nomvula fame, just had a baby.


Vusi says he’s been thinking about having a child for about two years.  “I feel ready and feel like a father. I guess this is how someone knows they’re ready for it,” he explains. It has been reported that the muso even set a date, saying come rain or sunshine, someone will be referring to him as tata by next July. When Move! asked him why he set a time frame for this goal, he says he’s only wishing for it to happen, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen the way he wants it to. As he’s been suspected of being gay, which he didn’t want to be drawn into, Move! asked if he’ll be adopting. “I don’t think I’m the adopting type. I won’t adopt a child, at least not the first one. I might  do it later. Right now I want my biological child,” he says.


The muso has been high on life since the release of his latest album, Naninina. During an earlier interview with Move!, he confirmed that he is having the time of his life and has never felt any better about his life and career. But he is reluctant to reveal his relationship status. “I want to keep some things to myself, especially in this industry. Maybe there is someone; maybe not,” he says. However, in a previous interview, he told Move! that he was in a relationship and was very happy. Even then he was reluctant to reveal who he was dating, saying he doesn’t want his personal life to overshadow his flourishing music career.


He says his album, which has reached platinum by selling more than 40 000 units, is a story about his past experiences. “This album is extremely personal. I actually feel exposed. But it’s been very therapeutic in a way because it’s like closing an old chapter of my life and opening a new one,” he says, referring to his dark days as a drug addict and his recently failed relationship of about four years. He says about eight songs are about his failed relationship. He thought he had met the love of his life but it was not so. He also describes the relationship from its infant stage, through its ups and downs and eventually the break-up. “I feel like I’ve been carrying so much baggage and bottling things up. Now I’m ready to move on from all of that,” he explains.