We catch up with comedian Mojak Lehoko

Comedian Mojak
Comedian Mojak

Comedian Mojakisane “Mojak” Lehoko has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. The comedian recently won the roast battle which aired on comedy central. The roast battle is comedy's closest thing to a sport. Comedians battle it out with the most brutal jokes imaginable.

“Who wouldn’t be happy to be on top? I gloat to everyone who is willing to listen about my win,” Mojak chuckles in essence to his win. Mojak has learnt a lot while on the roast battle. It has groomed him as a comedian.” Although it was nerve wrecking, being on the roast battle taught me how to work under pressure. It taught me how to come up with jokes on the spot, so it has really helped me polish my skills as a comedian,”Mojak says.

Mojak has graced various stages across South Africa and abroad. Since his humble beginnings at Cool Running in Melville he has gone on to be nominated for Comic’s choice award and won the adoration of crowds from all walks of life. The comedian says jokes for him come naturally as he’s also a writer. “I never rehearse any of my jokes. I come up with whatever is in my head and I write it down. I then try it out on the audience during my shows and hope that they like it,” he chuckles.

“I think comedy chose me. While performing at Cool Runnings, I used to get R100 and would be so happy about it. After four months, I started taking comedy seriously,” Mojak says. The comedian has featured on Late Night News with Loyiso Gola, he has produced works for The Real Jozi A-Listers (Vuzu Amp), Ekasi stories and the sitcom Abomzala. He hasn’t limited himself to writing and comedy but he is also an actor, MC and voice over artist. “ I cannot choose which gig I enjoyed doing the most as I learnt so much from all of them, but I think Blacks Only, The Bantu Hours and The Late Night show with Loyiso Gola have stood out the most for me as they helped introduce me into the entertainment industry,” he says.

“My style of comedy is funny,” Mojak chuckles. “It has an inspirational pull from what I see happening in my daily life and it is political as well as these are things that happen around us and one just cannot turn a blind eye,”Mojak continues. The comedian has a bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying from WITS but doesn’t see himself doing anything with the qualification anytime soon. “Yoh! My degree is just chilling on the side of my bed. I honestly don’t see myself using it anytime soon but you just know a person must be qualified in case something goes terribly wrong in your hustles,” he chuckles. The comedian mentions that his focus is on comedy right now and just perfecting his craft.

“I always try to draw the line between comedy and my personal life. There are some situations where as a person you just need to be serious. I actually feel like people are the one who fail to draw the line with comedians. You know at funerals when the situation is tense I get people telling me to drop a joke to lighten the situation and in my head I’m thinking ‘is this person serious? THIS IS A FUNERAL!’,” Mojak exclaims when asked if he manages to draw the line with comedy when it comes to his personal life.

The comedian says he sees himself working on more one man shows. “I am working on more one man shows and working on a live DVD which will be released early 2019,” he says.