Why Skolopad chooses to be in a polygamous marriage

Skolopad (Photo: Instagram)
Skolopad (Photo: Instagram)

Controversial socialite Skolopad, real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe, is ready to be a second wife after being proposed to recently. She wasted no time showing-off her ring on a boat cruise just minutes after saying ‘yes’. She tells Move! she is living her best life with her new man who spoils her rotten.


As she enters into a polygamous marriage, the socialite knows all too well about being the side chick to men who’ve already committed to a marriage. Skolopad admits to having dated married men before and says it feels good that with this one will be an official relationship and marriage that people will know about.


“I am very confident with being a second wife. I know myself so I will not be able handle the responsibilities of being a first wife,” she says. When Skolopad met her man at an event, she was not performing or the centre of attention but still her man fell in love with her instantly. “I love the fact that he fell in love with me, Nonhlanhla not Skolopad the celebrity,” she says. According to her, lobola negotiations will soon happen and she can’t wait to tie the knot in 2019.


She then reveals how the man who managed to capture the heart of the socialite popped the question. “He booked a boat cruise for me and my friends at Hartebeespoort Dam. Little did I know that he would be there to propose,” she says. Skolopad posted pictures of herself the boat cruise and ever smiling as she showed of the diamond on her finger. “It was the best weekend ever,” she says.