Isidingo: Will Lincoln’s time in prison lead to his end?

Lindelani Nkosi (PHOTO: Instgram)
Lindelani Nkosi (PHOTO: Instgram)


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Lincoln remains in custody and in mortal danger.

Nina sends her goons to rough up Cebisa.

Marius makes an unexpected announcement. 

Just when they think they're so close to the end, one family learns they're too far.

When it rains it pours for one shebeen queen and almost doesn't count for two ex-lovers.

The latest news from West Africa forces the Sibekos into a new corner.

Sibiya's world is turned on its head with an unexpected arrival.

Lalage experiences love again. 

Mayekiso's web of lies begin a chain of events no one could have foreseen.

With Patience in town, Sibiya finds himself fighting a battle he did not envisage.

Romance is blooming in the Lategan house.

Claudette wages war on Ayivor.

Sibiya finds himself in a catch-22 of his own making.

Anja tries to get her head around Lalage dating Marius.