You need to let go of some dead-end relationships – this is how you can do it!


Who and what you choose to keep in your life can determine the direction your life is headed.

Bishop Israel Makamu of Endless Hope Ministries Bible Church in the East Rand is known for preaching about the effects of carrying ‘dead-weight’ in your life. He speaks to Move! about the power of nurturing relationships that nurture you, his love for his family and ministering.


The beginning of every new year comes with renewed hope and faith that God will elevate and promote you to a new level.

You have probably been praying for a job, a house, restoration in your life or deliverance. Bishop Makamu says be sure that your promise isn’t delayed by the person or people you keep in your life.

“When people come into your life, they come for a cause and that cause should be common in that relationship. People meet for a reason, you have to know the reason why you keep certain people in your life,” he says.

Matthew 13:4 says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.”

Referring to this scripture, he says there are two kinds of people you will have in your life – those who will come and talk about your treasure or those who will ignore the treasure in you and focus on the field.

 He says, “In other words, you could be keeping people in your life who will not talk about your goodness. They will choose not to see the treasure in you but instead will talk about the field as though it has no treasure in it.”

Bishop Makamu says you need to be with people who see good in you and encourage you to move forward. As the year starts, you need to ask yourself if the relationships you have make you feel like you are being treasured.


Bishop Makamu is a third generational pastor in his family. His late father, who was a pastor at Assemblies of God in Katlehong, saw treasure in him, that is why he is where he is today. “I grew up in a church.

 I would even preach in primary school because it was something that ran in my blood,” he says. Despite the innate gift or calling he had, he decided to pursue a career in production management and later started his own printing company that eventually collapsed.

“In 2009, my father said to me that he was waiting for me to finally answer the call. That is just to show the power of having someone who sees treasure in you,” he says.

At the time, his wife of over 10 years also never left his side when the season wasn’t favourable. She, too, saw treasure in him despite the failure of his business. “When it comes to my wife, I believe God ordered my steps very well. He really exceeded my expectation when He blessed me with her,” says the Bishop.


Every relationship you have in your life will require you to put in the effort and the time to make it work. It is a lot of work, but he says that is a determining factor that will make or break a relationship. Bishop Makamu has taken his passion for relationships to TV. He has a show on Moja Love (DStv channel 157) called Rea Tsotella, where he gives advice to people in relationships who are going through challenges and conflict in their lives.