Zakwe is losing weight and gaining a wife

PHOTO: Youtube Screenshot
PHOTO: Youtube Screenshot

AWARD-WINNING Hip-Hop star, Ntokozo Zakwe, has found his happy place. The star, who simply goes by the stage name Zakwe, has everything going well for him. He is not just dropping hits but also dropping some kilos.


He says he has not been happy with his weight for some time and had to do something about it. “Every time I was on TV, my family would record it. I wouldn’t want to look at myself. I was not happy with what I saw,” he confesses. “Since I wasn’t happy, I thought why not make myself happy,” he says, adding there are two people who inspired him in his weight loss journey. He mentions soccer coach Steve Kompela and rapper Cassper Nyovest. He says it was something the coach said that made him want to take action. “Steve said change before you have to,” he recalls. Cassper’s own fitness journey inspired Zakwe that he can also achieve his goal. Initially, Zakwe weighed 144kg and he’s aiming to reach 120kg.


Zakwe might be losing weight but he’s gaining a family. The star reveals that he’s in the process of getting married. He is cagey about the details of his union but when Move! probes, he’s only willing to confirm that lobola has been paid. “We’ve been together for six years and I’ve asked for her hand in marriage and paid lobola,” he says. About the big day, Zakwe says, “Once everything is good, we will walk down the aisle. No date has been set as yet.”


The star is cautious not to put the spotlight on his family and doesn’t mention any names. However, he tells us that he has two children. “I have a four-yearold son and a two-year-old daughter,” he reveals. The KwaMashu-born star says fatherhood has been one of the best things to happen to him. Nonetheless, he doesn’t downplay the support of his family. “Fatherhood is very nice because there are a lot of people supporting me,” he says.


Another thing Zakwe is jubilant about is his latest studio album titled Cebisa. The name has a double meaning. He says it’s his clan name and also used it for its literal meaning which is to advise. It’s not about the fame. It’s about kasi stories so that 10 years later people can look back and reflect on how things were today,” he explains. He has worked with a host of other Hip-Hop stars and says he didn’t necessarily choose them but it was due to the beat of each song. “It’s important to get someone who can add something extra to each track,” he says.