Zanda's rise and fall to stardom

Zanda Zakuza
Zanda Zakuza

Being featured in one of Mzansi’s biggest dance tracks, Club Controlla, Zanda Zakuza says she’s living her best life. The 25-year-old has been in the industry for three years, and says everything is happening too fast for her. The rising star has worked with the likes of DJ Tira, Prince Kaybee, Donald and the legendary Doc Shebeleza.


Looking back, Zanda admits that it took a lot for her to be where she is now. She recalls an event where she lost everything when she dropped out of school after recording her first single, Loving You. She was Studying Jazz music in the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She says that she thought she would be the next big thing after recording the song. “I studied Jazz, and after two years I just called my mom and said ‘I have been bunking classes, stop wasting your money.”


After dropping out of university, Zanda spent almost four years doing nothing. Trying to make up for what she put her mother through. She went to a local college and did a Human Resource course. The musician explains the music as being selfish, saying it needs all your attention. She says when she got another shot at music she was skeptical and decided to complete her diploma before putting her all in it just in case she failed again. “I just wanted to make my mother proud. I knew that she would be happy if I got a nine-to-five job that would make me happy,” the rising star shares. However, the opportunity to make music again came up and she grabbed it.


It was her first collaboration with Prince Kaybee on Yonkinto that put her on the map, and she never looked back since. Zanda has an album, Synthia The Journey, which she named after her mother and dedicated it to her. “My mother’s unconditional love for me baffles me. She has always believed in me even when I’ve lost all faith in myself, my music and the industry. She got me my first gig and she still calls to ask if I need anything,” she says.


The Hamba hitmaker is grateful for all that she has had to go through. She says she took her experiences as a learning curve. She’s signed under Open Mic Production and she’s currently working on repackaging her album and continuing with collaborations. The musician is hoping to get nominations and hopefully win an award.