Zonke shares her pain

Zonke. (Photo: YouTube)
Zonke. (Photo: YouTube)

DEATH is something that we can never escape, and the pain and the grief that come with it are often difficult to handle. Singer Zonke Dikana lost her sister Lulu Dikana in December 2014. The shock and pain of losing her sister landed her in a hospital’s emergency room.

During an interview on the SABC1 show, Zaziwa, Zonke shared that losing her sister was hard but music helped her get through that difficult period in her life.


The soulful singer and her sister were always supportive of each other’s dreams and careers,  so she says she found it difficult to work again. “It took a lot for me to be able to get up and work again. I had to finish the album because I had a contract to fulfil with my record label,” revealed Zonke.

When you are mourning the death of a loved one, sometimes it’s advised that you take a break to work through your emotions. But for Zonke, sitting in a corner and not doing anything was definitely not an option she could choose despite the pain and all. “Sitting there and not recording was not an option for me.

I’m grateful for that because if I didn’t have contractual obligations maybe I would have just curled up somewhere in a corner and perished. It motivated me to go to studio and when I did,  I was like, ’actually this is soothing'. I needed to be there. I was happy there. Music has got me off trouble so many times. Now it is like a soothing balm. I used my music  as an outlet to deal with the pain,” explained Zonke.


The moment you get up after a heartbreak or downfall, the power and wisdom from within becomes unmeasurable and for Zonke, the lessons learnt from Lulu’s passing changed the way she views life.

“Lulu’s death taught me that life is too short and that you mustn’t hang on to issues and anger. You must just love and live as if every day is your last. Live and enjoy, and be kind and forgiving. I have lost a lot of family members and that teaches you that life is too short, so enjoy it,” revealed Zonke.

Zonke is currently busy working on her music and living life to the fullest with her family and friends. Her Twitter and Instagram pages speak for themselves. The singer, songwriter and producer has social media going crazy over her new album titled, Work of Heart.

Zonke is one of the artists who work really hard in making their music and she says whoever does not have her album is depriving themselves of good music. “If you do not have my album, then you really are missing out,” she wrote on her Twitter page.  Zonke could not be reached for further comment because she is out of the country.