Zuluboy says he does not have a drinking problem


RAPPER and actor, Zuluboy, real name Mxolisi Mginqeni Majozi, has vehemently denied allegations that he has allegedly checked into a drug treatment centre following issues with alcohol abuse. The claims were fuelled by his absence from the spotlight as his last TV appearance was on e.tv’s hit series, Gold Diggers, which was a year ago and hasn’t released new music in years.


Zuluboy admits to Move! that he does drink, but he can control his drinking. “I do drink, but alcohol has never been a problem because I know how to control my drinking and when to stop. I was never admitted into any rehab centre, I don’t know where people got this information from, but they got it all wrong,” he says. The rapper says he is actually one of the ambassadors for a rehabilitation centre in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal called New Day Clinic. “I am always there to motivate those seeking help. People have this thing all wrong because they see me walk in and out of the centre,” he says.


When asked for more information about New Day Clinic, Zuluboy says it is a fresh approach to affordable and quality healthcare in the township. “We provide counselling and treatment through procedures and medication. We also offer a unique drug and alcohol detox solution for rehabilitation patients, day admissions and include a wellness centre for natural preventive care solutions and lifestyle guidance,” he says. He says the clinic will establish a standardised, comprehensive, systematic, integrated approach to wellness in the community. “It is also the first township specialised medical centre with an outbound drug and alcohol detox unit in the newly established Umlazi U Square Mall,” he explains.


The father of two tells Move! that people are always asking him when is he releasing new music. “I am recording everyday. Music is my life and I will never stop producing good music. I know I have delayed releasing new music, but I am not ready. My intention is to release music that will last a lifetime and inspire people. I want to release music that will make people wake up and seek new opportunities. I want my music to be listened to in a different perspective, not just for the sake of listening,” he says. Zuluboy says he has recorded 13 tracks, but is not certain when they will be released. For now he is busy with a play called Tsotsi, the Musical, where he was cast as the lead. The play is a stage rendition of the South African Oscar winning movie and Zuluboy has captured many hearts with his riveting performance.