From 104kg to 78kg: How this Durban woman got her life back after a miscarriage and breakup left her broken

Zesuliwe Radebe  (PHOTO: Supplied)
Zesuliwe Radebe (PHOTO: Supplied)

After a miscarriage and an ugly breakup last year, she gained over 30kg within months. She sought comfort in food but instead, gaining all that weight led her to despair.

Yet now that she has moved on from that period in her life, she’s strong enough to share her story with Move!.

After months of being miserable and in pain, she reached breaking point one morning as she was preparing for church.

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“One morning, I attempted to wear my favourite dress and it did not fit. At that point, I realised how much of myself I had lost throughout my miscarriage and then being heartbroken by my ex-boyfriend, who cheated on me after the miscarriage. I felt broken emotionally, spiritually drained and physically damaged,” she says. Zesuliwe is a healthcare practitioner based in Durban, so when the signs of depression started surfacing, she knew she had to do something about it. The first week of a new year was a good time to start over for her.

“I weighed 104,3kg when I started to turn my life around. I didn't join a gym, nor did I start jogging as I was too embarrassed about my weight. I purchased a variety of home workouts and changed my diet,” Zelusiwe says.

She lost 26 kg in four months.

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“I feel energised both physically and emotionally, I have gotten my confidence back and even have a new boyfriend. But the biggest and most important change is that I feel so much more at peace. Throughout the journey I also healed my soul and mind through yoga. Speaking to family and friends as a form of therapy also worked for me.  I also stopped isolating myself,” she tells Move!.

The biggest lesson she has learnt, and hopes to share with others, is that weight gain might seem like an external problem, but once you tackle your emotional problems head-on, everything else will fall into place. Her journey continues, her goal weight is 70kg.

“Consistency is key, not even being in lockdown can distract me from my goal,” she says smiling.