Banking made easy

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been focusing  on banking and helping you be more WalletWise. The more you know about banking and the latest banking scams, the better you will be able to protect yourself and your money while saving for your next big dream. Read on to learn more about some of the hot topics covered on our weekly radio soapie Iketsetse Zenzele on Thursdays between 3pm and 6pm.

Top terms you need to know


Criminals use websites to trick you into sharing your information. They try to get you to reveal your personal details and PIN in a bid to access your bank account and steal your money.


A combination of the words “voice” and “phishing”, this scam involves criminals who try to acquire your banking details over the phone. They call and claim to be from your bank asking you to verify or update your banking details. 


Scammers send a legitimate-sounding SMS that typically asks you to confirm your bank account details or PIN. They also send messages that include links to sketchy websites containing viruses that send your data to cybercriminals when you enter your passwords. 

Alternative banking 

Also known as Self Service Banking, it’s another way your trusted bank makes your life easier – giving you safer, cheaper and convenient options to access your money. Instead of standing in queues, you can use an ATM, bank from your smartphone thanks to cellphone banking, or do internet banking on your PC or laptop. Speak to your bank about how you can make the most of these services and be more WalletWise.

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