Get WalletWise with Iketsetse Zenzele

We can all do with some help when it comes to banking better and being more WalletWise.

Currently in its sixth season, the award-winning radio drama Iketsetse Zenzele, broadcast on African Language Services (ALS) radio stations, breaks down banking terms and trends and shows you how to save for your next dream.

Move! magazine will bring weekly summaries of each episode that will feature on our weekly issues, sharing the hot topics and how you can maximize your moolah and keep it safe.

The truth is, there are many ways you could be putting your money at risk. Iketsetse Zenzele keeps you clued-up by breaking down banking terms and trends, from cybercrime, alternative banking, savings and investments to insurance and responsible lending.

Stay tuned for more on card-scamming, phishing, vishing and smishing – and no, these aren’t made-up words.

Spot a Scam with Iketsetse Zenzele:

Card skimming

Fraudsters duplicate your card details using skimming devices placed into the ATM card slot, swipe machine or a hand-held device. They capture your details stored in the card’s magnetic stripe while you make your transaction, and use that to defraud you in different ways.

Tip: Never let your card out of sight when you transact or pay, and sign up for Standard Bank’s My Updates to get notifications of your transactions.


Pronounced “fishing”, it involves criminals fishing for your info – hoping you’ll take the bait. Criminals use fake links on websites or emails to trick you into giving out your details. Never click on an internet banking login link in an email or SMS. Your bank will never ask you to login to verify any information or authorise payments via email or SMS.

Tip: Watch out for emails and messages that create a false sense of urgency forcing you to act quickly. Consider it a red flag if anyone asks for your PIN or banking details, unless you’re at a bank.

Please catch Iketsetse Zenzele every Thursday between 3-6pm on your favourite radio stations:

Ukhozi FM; Umhlobo Wenene FM (UWFM); Thobela FM; Lesedi FM; Motsweding FM; Ligwalagwala FM Phalaphala FM; Munghana Lonene FM (MLFM); Ikwekwezi FM and Eden FM.

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