Invest in yourself and your small business


Whether you dream of starting your own business or you want to upskill for a more proficient workforce, invest in your business today by getting the knowledge you need.

No matter the nature of your small business – a coffee shop, a hairdresser or a gardening service, there’s more to keeping a company afloat than the skills you possess that initially made you want to become an entrepreneur.

While you may have an awesome idea that fills a gap in the market, you may not know how to run a business – and you’ll often have to juggle many balls to limit costs.

Various factors goes into building a sustainable business, from balancing the books, to managing staff members, performing HR duties and ensuring your business grows.

This is where upskilling comes in. It’s all good and well to be your own boss, but you need to be able to back it up with some real world street smarts and theoretical knowledge.

iQ Academy has you covered with a host of business short courses that will help you build a profitable business. Choose from a course in customer relationship, employee wellness or financial management, to mention only a few

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