Secure your next big dream


Life is all about those big moments you share with the people who mean the most, and it helps to have a trusted partner with you along the way.

Your bank plays a major role in your life and the process to achieving your goals – from saving towards your future to student loans, financing your car or providing you with the money for a home loan. And even though you may not have your dream salary just yet, achieving your next big dream may be more attainable than you think!

If you’re a first-time home buyer, have you heard of FLISP? It stands for Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme, and it’s a government subsidy that aims to further assist first-time home buyers. FLISP reduces the amount of the loan needed from the bank, which ultimately makes the monthly repayment instalments more affordable for you. If you earn between R3 501 to R15 000 per month, you should apply! Contact the National Housing Finance Corporation to find out if you meet the criteria. Call 011-644-9800 or email them at

And because you work so hard for everything you have, be sure to consider insurance. Whether it’s an unexpected leak in your roof or to cover you if you’re in a crash or a victim of a break-in, chat to your bank about the best insurance for you and your family!

Now that the WalletWise series is coming to an end, we hope the tips and tricks shared were helpful.

Here’s to growing together!

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