Target your problem areas with Slimz

Before you embark on a journey to lose weight, you have many unanswered questions. I had so many questions before starting my weight loss journey and I have decided to share them with you.

This week, I sat down with Basheer Valley, a pharmacist at XS Health, who are the producers of the Slimz SlimCut range that comprises of the AdiBurn+ 1000 Concentrated Drops, AdiBurn 200 Fat Burning Liquid and AdiBurn 75 Once-A-Day Capsules.

When you are informed, you are able to make informed decisions. Since starting this journey, I feel empowered by the amount of knowledge I have gained from engaging with Basheer.

NONZWI: What are some of the incorrect ways that people use while trying to lose weight? 

BASHEER: The problem is that people want quick fixes; they don’t set realistic goals or time frames. The result of that is that they either fall for some new fad diet from the internet or starve themselves by cutting down meals. Most fad diets cut out some essential food groups, especially carbohydrates or all solids. They promote only having liquids, which is not recommended. 

NONZWI: What are the consequences of going on fad diets?

BASHEER: The problem with most fad diets is that the results are superficial and short- lived. What is required is a complete permanent change in lifestyle, with real goals and a deeper understanding of why it important for the individual to lose weight. An example would be banting, where people go through a period of quick weight loss and then weight gain.

  This can lead to metabolic disorders, as well as psychological trauma, especially for obese people. The results of unhealthy fad diets and starvation could also be malnutrition, fatigue, muscle wasting, water retention, high cholesterol, headaches and other health problems. 
NONZWI: What would you say is the ideal diet with guaranteed results?

BASHEER: The ideal diet should be well balanced and based on the food pyramid - with the types of food in each food group matched to each person’s activity and metabolic requirements. We need to get food smart and know that carbohydrates are not all bad. We need to understand that low-GI carbohydrates and unsaturated fats in the right amount help boost our metabolism.

NONZWI: What should we be looking out for on food labels?

BASHEER: Weight loss is a simple equation of burning more calories than we consume. A simple way to check and translate food labels into a standard that we can all understand is to look at the total carbohydrate content in any food per serving in kilojoules. A single thin slice of white bread is approximately 10KJ.

You can then use this as an easy reference. Hence a bar of chocolate that has 30KJ is the same as consuming three slices of bread. Or having two rusks with 80KJ is like having eight slices of bread.

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