The emotional roller coaster to losing weight

Slimz Slimz

Oh wow! it has been a month on this Slimz diet and look at the difference. It is all thanks to the Slimz AdiBurn+1000 Concentrated Drops, AdiBurn 200 Fat Burning Liquid and AdiBurn 75 Once-A- Day Capsules accompanied  by a healthy eating plan courtesy of Slimz; drinking water and an exercise regimen. I wore these two dresses to the Move! Stokvel events in the last couple of months and I was full in them but look at the difference.


It is not easy and can certainly be an emotional rollercoaster. I won't lie even though I am delivering results; weekends are a battle. In between friends tempting me to a night out of drinks, my kids sweet tooth and my partner's pampering; it gets difficult to say no. I indulge but with a little bit of discipline. It's simple; if I am going to drink on a Friday, I deprive myself of starch for that day and Saturday and I make sure that the mixers are the zero sugar variants. I am human and cheat on my diet but I adjust accordingly so that there is still progress in my journey.


I have compiled something to remind me of the basics of my diet A-An apple a day keeps the weight away B-You can't skip breafast. Have starch; dairy and fruit

C- Cheating is part of the weight loss journey. You will fall once in a while but get up and make sure it is on the treadmill D-Drink lots of water-it helps with the weight loss E-Everyday is different so don't be too hard on yourself F-Follow the eating plan along with how you should use the Slimz range of products for results

G- Don't pay your gym membership and not go. Use it to help the process H-You will be sometimes be hungrier than normal on other days. Remember your goal

I- Invest time and commit to the slim down journey

J- This is a journey not a process

K- You can kick your old bad eating

L- Remember your meat must be lean; with no skin for meat lovers M-Make sure you have all food groups in your diet

N- No sugar and watch what happens

O- Don't expect overnight results

P- Be patient with yourself

Q-If you have always loved junk; you can quit it if you really want to shed the weight

R- Following all of this; it is not easy but rewarding S-The Slimz range of products must accompanied by a healthy eating plan; which they provide and guide you through the process T-Give yourself time. You can do it U-Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure. You will see results in good time V-Take your vitamins everyday

W- Drink lots of water

X- It is extremely important that when you have fun too. What good is it,if you cannot have fun

Y- Even if you may doubt yourself; you can do it Z-Actions speak louder than actions. Zip your mouth and just do it

It's been four weeks of adjusting and all I can say is that all it takes is baby steps. One step at a time towards achieving my goal. Kindly continue following my journey on and on our Facebook page: Move! Magazine

For more information on Slimz products visit or follow their Facebook page: Slimz. Slimz is available at Dischem; Clicks and other leading pharmacies.