White Star cooking challenge finalists

What would your stokvel do with the R20 000 cash prize if you win on the finalists?

  • Umkamaas Stokvel: KWAZULU NATAL

If we could win the R20 000 we would be able to start our Catering business and the money will helps us to buy all the necessary items for our kitchen. Moreover, we will be able to marketing our business to all our potential customers. Then we will be able to support our nominated Hospice and Place of Safety through our profits.

  • Siyahluma: EASTERN CAPE

We will put some of the money towards our monthly savings to make our savings grow. There is an orphanage home that we have identified in Duncan Village and we will give them some of the money to them.  Since it’s a blessing to win R20 000, the bible says we are blessed to be blessed so we will bless the Daily Bread Home School as it is also a home that we have identified. The kids there they have got different need so we will cater according to their needs. It’s not a big school so we will manage with our blessing.


Wow with the R20 000 cash prize, we would reach out to schools in the area and help the learner by giving them pens especially during the exams and  we would donate sanitary pads.  We would also donate in Primary schools by buying them some groceries and cook delicious meals with the white star super maize meal for elderly people in homes so they can also experience amazing super delicious meals one can cook with white star super maize meal in the kitchen.


We will take some of the money and invest it in our stokvel and the other money will be used to buy food for the crèche that we use to buy food for in our community. They don’t have sponsors so we always buy them food and toys.