This video of 3 gogos doing the vosho at church will make your day!

The women at the church (PHOTO: Screenshot of video)
The women at the church (PHOTO: Screenshot of video)

These grannies, who have gone viral on social media, are proving that you can never be too old to break it down – even if it’s at church.

Their video was posted by Twitter user Tumi Sole onto the platform and shows the trio, dressed in what appears to be a church uniform, dancing and singing.

The grannies, who are dressed in black and white, sing a church song before casually doing the vosho.

The video has reached 212 000 views on Twitter alone and has received positive comments from users, who commend the older women for using a unique way to worship in church.

Although it is not clear where the video originated from or who the women are – their video has brought joy to a lot of people.

Watch the video below: