Is L'vovo a taxi boss?

L'vovo Derrango (Photo: Gallo)
L'vovo Derrango (Photo: Gallo)

THOKOZANI Ndlovu, better known to fans as L’vovo Derrango, is popular for dishing out great lyrics in his kwaito songs. Apart from making hits and scooping awards, L’vovo is rumoured to be one of the esteemed taxi owners in Durban. When Move! called the Bayangi’sukela hitmaker about his alleged dealings in the taxi industry, he denies the claims.


Have you ever wondered where the Newcastle-born artist gets inspiration for his lyrics, which mostly talk about beautiful women and money? Well, his secret is out. L’vovo apparently spends most of his time hanging out with taxi owners at a taxi rank, near a train station, in Durban. In 2013, one of the weekly newspapers interviewed him for the Metro Awards ceremony in Durban and it was reported that L’vovo preferred to meet at a taxi rank where he usually hangs out with his friends. However, he tells Move! that, “I’m not in the taxi business. I just love hanging out at the taxi rank because most of my friends are taxi owners. When the time is right, maybe I’ll consider getting into the business. For now, I’m still nurturing my music career.”


L’vovo steers the conversation towards his bash that was held at the Botanical Gardens in Durban a week ago to celebrate his 10-year journey in the entertainment industry. He says he partied up a storm at the bash with fellow musicians such as DJ Sox, Zakes Bantwini and Thebe Mogane. He explains that the musicians were there for him when he was still starting out in the industry. “We started celebrating in Durban but the party won’t end there. I’m planning to cover all provinces and invite everyone who has been supporting my music from the beginning. I don’t want to divulge more information but I’m working on a crazy line-up to perform at my next celebrations. I’m excited about this season in my life. I cannot forget guys like Zakes Bantwini who encouraged me to reclaim my place in the game. I wouldn’t have done it without their support.” It’s reported that L’vovo’s mom, Thokozile Ndlovu (74), also praised Zakes Bantwini for discovering her son’s talent and introducing him to the music industry.


L’vovo says he plans to record a live DVD, where fans will see a different side of him. “I want people to know the real me and what brought me this far. I will share my private life with my fans. I would like them to know that I’m not just L’vovo, but also someone’s son. This has not been an easy journey but I’ve learnt to focus on the positives and also make room for disappointment.” L’vovo broke into the music scene in 2006 with his debut album, L’vovo Derrango, with the help of music producer Zakes Bantwini. In 2007 he won awards for the Best Kwaito Artist and Song of The Year at the Metro FM Music Awards. He has since brought new exciting prospects for the kwaito genre, together with Professor, Big Nuz, Thebe, Spiriki and many others.