Kelly Khumalo on walking off stage at EFF rally: 'People think I'm an easy target'


Kelly Khumalo on walking off stage at EFF rally: 'People think I'm an easy target'

Singer Kelly Khumalo shocked fans when she walked off stage after a short performance at an EFF Rally in Durban recently.

She walked out after the crowd began to chant Senzo Meyiwa's name. One event goer held up a poster with the words "Justice for Senzo Meyiwa" written on it.

Now, in an interview with Trending SA Kelly has opened up about why she decided to walk off stage that day.

Speaking to Kuli Roberts on Trending SA, Kelly said that she believes people taunt her so much about Senzo because they were in a very public relationship.

“I was in a relationship with him and I am in the public eye. And I think that people think I'm an easy target,” she explained.

She also added that she was not pushed off stage but rather she walked off because she could feel the energy from the crowd was not welcoming of her.

Kelly alslo explained that’s he felt very powerful when she walked off the stage.

“…I stand to motivate what is positive and if I don’t feel that, I am more than happy to walk out.”

Senzo Meyiwa was tragically shot at Kelly’s family home in 2014.

In almost four years, no arrests have yet been made for the murder and police have found no leads.

In an interview with Drum Kelly’s sister Zandie, who was there on the fateful night Senzo was killed said,

“Kelly and I chose not to speak or defend ourselves because we were asked by the police not to say anything and we didn’t want to confuse people.

They’re haunted by Senzo’s murder.

“How long do we have to defend ourselves? We said what we know and what we saw. We have a child at home we have to look at every day, who looks exactly like Senzo. It’s a constant reminder and it hurts.”

Watch the Trending SA video here.