Lerato Mvelase has a message for bad men

Lerato Mvelase
Lerato Mvelase

Best known for her acting career, actress Lerato Mvelase has released a single proving she is an all-round artist. The mother of two is extremely excited about the single, and tells Move! that the song is about men who behave badly.

“South Africa is swamped with men who behaviour terribly, they are abusive and irresponsible. You have men go out with young girls, and spend money outside of their families, and those who don’t want to wake up and hustle to take care of themselves and their families. Then there are men who simply don’t care, and are irresponsible in the way they speak and carry themselves in society,” she says.

The Isibaya actress says the song is aimed at encouraging young boys and grown men to start being responsible and understand that it’s not cool to be a Sthing-thing. On her single, Lerato features Mpumi, Emza, Dj Active and Professor.

Lerato says she has always had a voice, but after leaving varsity she decided to pursue acting first. “I decided that once I’ve made a name for myself and made a mark as one of the best actresses this country has, then I’ll move on to music. This happened when I was in my twenties, but the timing was just not right. Now is the right time,” she says.

Lerato, who previously starred in The Color Purple, says it was fun putting the single together and felt blessed to be working with her singer best friend, Mpumi. The song will be available on iTunes and other digital platforms as of this week.