Expresso presenter Kuhle Adams says seeing her dreams become a reality leaves her in awe

Expresso presenter Kuhle Adams.
Expresso presenter Kuhle Adams.

*This article was previously published in Move! print edition *

She spent a long time imitating A-list presenter   Bonang, in the hopes that she’ll follow in her footsteps. Now Kuhle Adams (23)   gets to be a role model for other up and coming presenters, after landing a job on SABC 3’s Expresso. She was chosen alongside Jamie-Lee Domburg   after a presenter search in October.  


 It wasn’t the first time she entered a   presenting competition. In 2017, Port   Elizabeth born Kuhle entered the MTV   Base VJ search. She made it to the top   three and was inspired to keep going.   When she was younger, she was a   fan of Top Billing, she tells Move! and   spent a lot of her time imitating Bonang   Matheba. “I was an aspiring TV host for   the longest time, I would always look   into the mirror and imagine myself as   one of the Top Billing presenters.”

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Her new gig keeps her on the go. She is travelling around the country and has   just returned from a trip to Mauritius. She has wanted this for so long and says that seeing it become a reality   leaves her in awe each time. 

 “I don’t know how many times I’ve told   the people in my life that I needed a big break and to see it come to life is   actually astonishing.” The Bachelor of Social Sciences   graduate from the University of Cape   Town was devastated when she didn’t   bag the gig at MTV. But she learnt that everything   happens for a reason.  

“I made it to top three but I was honestly crushed that I didn’t get   further than that. But I really didn’t want  to dwell on it. I would just push it to the back of my mind, but it would haunt   me,” she says. “I eventually gave it to God and prayed about it. What was on my mind was the concept of timing and   how one day I would be gracing the   small screen.”  


 She took her loss as an opportunity to   improve and was determined to chase   her dream. To hone her presenting   skills further she was a presenter on a   youth talk show EkSe on Cape TV and   also became a host on the youth show   Roughing It Out on SABC 2. “That was   all in the same year and it was really big wins for me. I just wanted to grow and become the best version of myself.”  

When she heard about the Expresso Presenter Search she wanted to win it. “The whole process was the most   rigorous but fulfilling thing I’ve ever  been through. All my friends and   family encouraged and supported me through the process,” she tells us. Although she was confident   throughout the entire process, she would find herself experiencing feelings of doubt. “It’s such a weird   feeling to have, when you’re in a space  that makes you so happy but you still question your capabilities,” she says.  

“When I was confronted with such   negativity I would immediately shut it down and pray about it and then I would realise that I’m worthy to be in   this space,” she adds. She recalls the day she bagged the   gig. “I was so shook! But I saw the power   of manifestation. I put out this dream to the universe and it happened. It’s   been blissful to be on screens and to be   embraced by those who saw me chase   this dream; it gives me so much joy.”