Ricky Rick 'ridicules' someone over 'fake' sneakers

Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick

The self –proclaimed ‘King Kotini’, Riky Rick is trending after a video of him telling a boy to take-off his ‘fake’ shoes was posted. In the video he tells the boy who is being laughed at by his peers to take off his shoes.  He asks the boy who wearing black and white sneakers written ‘Balenciaga’ an expensive Spanish luxury brand: “Where you got these?” he then says : “Nah, we are not letting it happen.”


The Sidlukotini hitmaker then orders someone in the store to give him a pair of sneakers. He says: “Give him a plastic bag; we are going to burn this s#@&.” The boy’s peers are seen to be laughing and recording the incident where the famous rapper is the centre of attention.  Riky Rick is known for always showing-off his expensive international brands on social media and red carpets, he even goes to the extent of rapping about his expensive clothing.


Ricky looked like he was having fun, making a joke but Twitter is not having it. A tweet from @lastbwoy says: “That Riky Rick video is so triggering, people actually bullying you but fronting it as "grooming".” Another one from @thelifeofstanza: “We seriously shouldn't be laughing at what Riky Rick did, such humiliation often leads to suicide.” It seems the alleged victim is not at all a victim, he didn’t mind what seemed to be a humiliating situation. The boy, with the Twitter handle, @ruthlesscambu tweeted Riky, thanking him for his new sneakers. Other people on Twitter laughed it off too.