Simphiwe Dana on letting go and ‘no longer fighting with deadbeats’

Musician Simphiwe Dana
Musician Simphiwe Dana
Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu

Managing regrets and starting afresh are always good things, and this is what singer and songwriter Simphiwe Dana is doing when it comes to the father of her children.

Not long ago she received backlash on social media for calling South African men “gold-diggers”.

She wrote in a post, “They ask for Uber. You buy them airtime. You pay for the rent. They’re driving your car, using your bank card. And you’re paying all the bills. Shameless, still have the audacity to go out there and say they’re taking care of you. That you a gold digger. They’re not paying maintenance.” .

However, this weekend, Simphiwe revealed that her kids’ father came to visit them after years of not being in the picture.

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In a series of tweets, the singer took her followers through her anxiously waiting for her baby daddy to visit his children and his arrival.

“He’s here. I’ve forgiven him. Let’s start again. I’m letting this go. No longer fighting with deadbeats. I’m happy baby daddy is accounting for his nonsense. I pray other women also get this justice. I love you mamas. You’re doing amazing,” she wrote.

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A day or two before the reunion, Simphiwe revealed details of the end of her relationship with the kids’ father and being in a car crash at eight months pregnant.

“So there I was, 8 months pregnant, my face falling off. Chibuku racing down my face from my dreadlocks. We had hit a drunken pedestrian holding a pack of Chibukus. I had no idea if my son was still alive. I felt he was fine. I was comforting baby daddy, calling my band and 1011,” she tweeted.

She detailed how the crash made her realised she needed to leave and start afresh. “There and then I realized the accident was so I would see. Came home. Bought a house (I was renting). Gave him notice the day I was leaving,” she said.“But paid for the place one more month. I proceeded to rent a place for him and I would bring his kids to him. Found a place that was similar to what we had together so the kids don’t feel out of place. He came to my house, told me that if he can’t have me then he doesn’t want to see our kids. That was it.”