Soapie teasers: 11 September 2017

7de Laan

Vanessa feels uncomfortable with Xander and Lesedi’s friendship. Diederik shares his big news with Marko.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Fueled by the outcome of the meeting with Eric, Ridge applies pressure upon Katie to grant his request or a favour. Eric arranges a romantic dinner for Quinn to celebrate her return to the company and his reacquisition of his home. Fearing that Eric and Quinn’s relationship will have a negative effect on his marriage, Wyatt vows to Steffy that he will put an end to their problem.

Days of our Lives

Adrienne convinces Sonny and Will to come to the annual 4th of July picnic by the lake. Ben also changes his mind about going when he hears Abigail will be there. Theresa blows off Eve and Anne before sharing a warm moment with Caroline. Meanwhile, Eve tries to charm Daniel, but he makes it clear he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from her. Abigail goes against her mother’s wishes and privately tells Daniel that Jennifer needs him right now.


Zitha makes a breakthrough with the information she decrypted. Gog’Flo is shocked to hear the latest news from home. Getty refuses to heed a family member’s warning.


Sihle is faced with a new and terrifying fate. Busi discovers the truth about Bhekumuzi. The Ngwenyas are suspicious of Iris. A police visit has Lethu on edge.


Sedima agrees to corroborate Barker’s story on how he acquired title deeds to the land but at what cost? Nina drives herself crazy trying to figure out why Majola went AWOL on her after the lovely weekend they had. A new face on the Deep hits it off with Nina.


Tendamudzimu makes an indecent proposal to Gugu. Imani offers her support to James and is stung by his reaction. Bongi is accused of spreading a dangerous rumour.

Rhythm City

Niki tells a horrified Puleng that she killed Themba. Mampho and Sifiso deepen their relationship. Puleng finds a confession letter from Niki and hands it to the police. Emmanuel breaks down and Fats stops him from doing something dangerous.


Romeo is given an extremely difficult cyber task to carry out, and a mother makes a humiliating admission to her daughter. Two people discover they may not be jobless after all, but the jobs are not what either really wants. A young woman longs for a future with a man whose feelings she is unsure of.

Skeem Saam

Meikie receives news that will change her world forever. Charity finds herself in Granny’s line of fire. Lelo spurns an admirer’s advances.

The Queen

In Love and Lies

Gracious is impressed with the new member of her staff, as Kwanele and Vuyiswa finally make a breakthrough on a case that they’ve been working on.


GC waits for Jojo at the shisanyama but is disappointed when he sees him with Thobile and Smangele. Innocentia warns MaNgcobo not fight her or she will tell Nkunzi that MaNgcobo tried to murder her. MaNzuza is still unsure about leaving Mumsy unsupervised. Mumsy tells Zekhethelo that she often gets urges to rebel.