Soapie teasers: 12 December 2017

The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)
The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)

7de Laan

Christopher is excited about what the future holds. Justin is shocked to see who has arrived in Hillside.

Days of our Lives

John asserts he is beginning to regain his memory but asks Brady and Marlena to bring in a few people first.  He has Daniel check him over, then requests a nervous Theresa join them, followed by Roman. John has Roman read from the original statements Brady and Theresa gave the night he was bludgeoned. John takes it all in, then says he’s ready to reveal what he’s remembered of that night. Theresa privately freaks out. Caroline arrives at the DiMera compound with Eric, having learned that EJ and Sami have reconciled. Will interviews Chad for the article and is surprised Chad is so bitter about EJ. Later, EJ gets upsetting business news.


Tau and Nolwazi make magic together. Mpho calls home with wonderful news. Jack reveals his grand plan for the future.


Shadrack arrives back in Protea with Lerato. S’khaleni’s driving lessons with Jacob go horribly wrong. Mehlemamba pays Thandeka a visit.


While Nikiwe continues her anti-violence campaign, Nina is determined to get her Rec shares. To what lengths will she go? Lerato is mortified when she works out the budget to reopening her salon and Wendy is baffled by a penniless and unemployed Morongwa. 


Dee decides to spice thing up in her relationship, will Tendamudzimu fall for it? Vusi realises he is part of the statistics. Sthembiso wakes up from dreamland.

Rhythm City

Andiswa tries to stop her scheme with Storm - but it’s too late. David and Toolkit plan to take out the 66ers.


Boniswa has to agree to a situation which she knows will change her life forever. Ingrid senses that she is not being told the truth by a loved one. A young woman is stunned by her enemy's generosity of spirit.

Skeem Saam

Zandile knows a lot more about Lehasa’s shady affairs than he would’ve imagined. Nimza and Rachel have an unpleasant encounter at Capsy’s. Bontle surprises Zandile about what she knows.

The Bold and the Beautiful

When Eric learns that Katie is interested in buying a house in the neighborhood, he encourages her to do so. Quinn confesses to Wyatt her concerns regarding Katie’s unannounced visits to Eric. Despite having left her at the altar during their wedding, Bill assures Brooke that he still wants for them to be married. Brooke comes up with an idea that she anticipates will help Bill and RJ get to know each other better.

The Queen

Wedding Bells

Vuyiswa’s discovery leaves Jerry furious. Will the Khoza family accept Linda? Diamond is confident Harriet will soften up.


MaNgcobo has doubts about Nkunzi. MaDlamini stands in MaNzuza’s way. Smangele decides to accept her reality.