Soapie teasers: 12 February 2018

Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)
Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)

7de Laan

Lesedi is not ready to forgive Andrè yet. Xander and Bonita can’t seem to agree.

Days of our Lives

Eric and Serena revisit their romantic history, acknowledging they were once deeply in love in Africa. When Eric decided to join the priesthood, they parted ways. Serena hopes they’ll be able to spend time together now that she’ll be working in Salem. Melanie and Theresa get into a major catfight. When Melanie tells Daniel she met Theresa, he warns her to steer clear. Meanwhile, Theresa meets up with Anne and rants about what a nightmare Melanie turned out to be. Anne hints they can get back at her by preventing her from getting her old job back. Daniel is honest with Jennifer about his growing feelings for Nicole. Ben and Abigail share a hot, private moment in the hospital conference room when Jordan interrupts. Jordan admits things are a bit rocky between her and Chad and reiterates things are definitely over with Rafe. Later, Rafe drops by to talk to Jordan.


Mazwi is determined to find out who his wife’s lover is. Daniel’s friends try to lure him back to drugs. Fana receives a devastating blow.


Jabu battles with the temptation to return to his old ways. Thandeka is determined to fight for what is hers. Meanwhile, Zanele’s web of lies is on the brink of collapse.


Nikiwe is horrified when she gets a blow by blow of how she tried to jump over the balcony. When Sechaba sees pictures of Lerato living it up in Atlanta, he decides to get out of his funk and go to work. Enhle challenges Anja to a bet that will require her to kiss Benjamin.    


Konanani gets a surprise visitor at the royal house. Imani’s hospitalisation brings out the worst in her loved ones. Livhu’s hopes are shattered yet again.

Rhythm City

Suffo stays one step ahead of the 68 gang, but at a very high price. Lungile works on Tshego. Rene hides her passport.


A lovers' quarrel has unpleasant consequences for one of them when it is not confined to the bedroom. A wife misunderstands her husband, leading her to do something which would horrify him. Lindiwe hopes that pity will lead to forgiveness.

Skeem Saam

Leshole chokes up when he calls someone from his past. A lonely Koko Mantsha is disappointed when Celia fails to honour a visit. Fanie fails to come clean about his December shenanigans.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge is presented with an opportune moment to exact his plan when Eric sends him and Quinn to San Francisco for a design symposium. Thomas returns from New York to the harsh reality that his sister, Steffy, is now his boss at Forrester Creations. Tensions rise between Wyatt and Liam as Steffy discusses her future living situation with Thomas in their presence. Quinn fears what will happen at her first symposium while Ridge plots his takedown..

The Queen

Brand New Kiss

As Shaka and Mmabatho get closer, the lies to their families also deepen. Brutus thinks he is onto Shaka. Bakang and Martha find themselves in an unexpected situation.


Will MaNzuza and Smangele hang on to their lives? Mondli goes for the Captain’s jugular. Mastermind and Mxolisi are at war.